Attach Email In Gmail that you can do easily

Attach email in Gmail is a system which helps you to share the photo, video, and document at once. This system is limited to share the file. You can a sent file which size is about 25MB. This a forward system. If you don’t want to send an email by attaching the file, you can do it by forwarding mail.

How to attach email in Gmail

Attach Email In Gmail

Attach email is a system which helps a user to share image or documents by a file.

Log in to the Gmail and open a mail

First, you need to log in to your Gmail account by going to the After login to the Gmail than open mail that you want to create an attachment.


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Click the more and select the print option

After opening the wanted mail than you need to click more option. You can find the more option top of the right corner with the reply option of your message. Then select the print option from the list. You can also click the print icon which you find on the right of the top corner and top the Reply option.

Change the destination

After clicking the print option, you can see a popup window or a new tab. Then you need to change the destination to create the attached file. Click the changing option of destination. You can find the destination option on the top of the left corner.

Save to Google Drive

After clicking the changing option, you can see a popup message of the window. Then find the Google cloud print option. If you don’t find Google cloud print option, you can see the down of the left side. After finding the option then you need to click the Save to Google Drive option. Now click the save option. The save option stay on the top of the left side of the print screen.

Compose the new message

Now you need to compose the new message. After clicking the compose message, you can find a small popup window on the down of right corner. Then submit a mail address whom people want to send the attached mail.


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Click the Google Drive icon

Now click the Google drive icon (Insert Files using Drive) on the downside of composing mail. After clicking the Google drive icon, you can see a popup window and see your Google drive. However, now click my drive and see your wanted file. Then select the file and click the inset. After clicking the inset option, you can see now the attached file on your compose mail. Now click the sent option. After clicking the sent option, you are successfully sent the attached email in Gmail.

Attachment size limit

You can send an attachment file which sizes about 25 MB. You cannot send a file which size longer than 25MB. If your file longer than 25 MB Google drive automatically create a share link and add with the attach file.

However, now you know how to attach email in Gmail. But be careful with download the attach file. Sometimes this attaches file including with the virus. For that your pc attacked by the virus.

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