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What is a .LNX File?

In a LNX file, you’ll find one or more files that comprise a game or program for the Commodore 64. Lynx archiver is used to package it, but it is not compressed. To share .D64 and .X64 files with other computer enthusiasts, Commodore 64 users often archived these files and uploaded them to bulletin board systems (BBS).

More Information on .LNX File

Developed by Will Corley, Lynx (also known as Ultimate Lynx) is a multimedia format. As a result of the development of other archiving formats, the discontinuation of the Lynx archiver program, and the complexity of the Lynx format, the Lynx format was more common in the 1990s for uploading to BBSs, but the usage of the Lynx format has since greatly decreased.

Programs That Open .LNX File

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  • WinVICE

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  • VICE


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