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What is a .MCADDON File?

Minecraft (Bedrock Edition), a popular block-building game, is modified by the contents of an MCADDON file, which consists of a .MCPACK or a .MCWORLD file. The ZIP archive consists of at least one MCPACK or MCWORLD file that is compressed with zip. Add-ons are distributed through MCADDON files.

More Information on .MCADDON File

There are two types of MCPACK files in Minecraft: MCWORLD files and MCPACK files that modify gameplay and the Minecraft UI, such as adding worlds and altering graphics.

It is necessary to create MCADDON files manually in order to distribute multiple MCPACKs or MCWORLDs online. MCADDON files can be created by compressing MCPACK or MCWORLD files as .ZIP files and then renaming “.zip” extensions to “.mcaddon”.

Programs That Open .MCADDON File

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  • Mojang Minecraft for Windows 10

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  • Mojang Minecraft

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  • Mojang Minecraft


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