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What is an .SMDH File?

Nintendo 3DS video games use SMDH files as metadata. Data for a game, such as its 3DS menu icons, localized titles, and region-specific settings (such as its region-specific age rating), is stored in the 3DS program file. The Homebrew Launcher is most commonly used to create and use SMDH files outside of actual Nintendo-published 3DS games.

More Information on .SMDH File

There are many files included in Nintendo 3DS games, including .CIA, .CXI, and .SMDHS. There is a SMDH file located inside every CIA and CXI file of a game. In addition to the game icon, SMDH files also include the system settings and home menu icons for the 3DS. There are also up to 12 localized titles in the SMDH file, along with age ratings, lockout settings, Match Maker IDs, and other information about the game.

Programs That Open .SMDH File

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