Hide Text Messages on Your Android Device Easily

Are you want to hide text messages? The motive may be, sometimes you want to keep a personal conversation. The text message is great, but different a phone call; it leaves an easy to read conversation to its place. We have received some simple applications which will keep own privacy.

Hide text messages

Here are some applications that allow you to protect yourself from spying on private conversations and record private conversations. These apps act as your text messaging app, all your contacts, messages and call logs are protected. You are very paranoid about spying, here is some app for you.

Hide text messages
  • Open-settings.
  • Tap on –notifications.
  • Select-messages.
  • Turn Slide “show preview” off.
  • Quit the settings as usual.
  • Changes will take effect immediately.

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Vault-hide SMS

Vault-hide is one of the most potent apps to hide messages. You can “personal contacts” can create a message which will be automatically unseen. But this app takes another step.  You can make a lure vault with fake hidden data. Someone says that you have hidden messages, and then just blame them.

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How to hide your messages app

Here vault as an example, tutorial for hiding your text message here. Download and install this app on the google play store. Then open the app. You will need to set up a new pin for hiding your messages. Enter the number of three to fifteen, and tap to ok.

Hide your text messages on iPhone

If you need to hide the message preview from viewing the iPhone or the iPad lock screen, here is how to incapacitate text preview from seeing the lock screen: Open (settings) and tap on (notifications).Then select (messages) and turn slide (show preview) off.

Block call and SMS

Block calls and sms using an application to easily hide text messages that make you do everything in a single package. In this application, you can protect personal sms, incoming calls, call logs, missed calls and personal contacts even unwanted calls and messages.

Shady contacts

Shady contacts are a useful application that can hide call logs and sms. At first, install the shady contact application. When the installation was completed, it will ask you to set the unlock pattern. When you successfully record your pattern, you can get a dashboard where the messages, call logs, and contact numbers can be hidden from there.

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Pattern lock

The message locker can’t only lock your text sms, but you can also use other messaging apps that you can use. With this application, you can add a pattern /pin lock to all your messages and email applications. A pattern/pin will lock them all. It automatically notices the messaging apps on your android phone. All snapshots can be locked out from hanging out.

Everyone has unique expressions to hide text messages, call logs and contacts. But one common reason is that we have something secretive on our phones and do not want to tell others. Especially the youths have many mysterious things on their android phones, and it can be seen or read for another person that is hateful to them. Private space is a great privacy security app that you do not want to see others hide your messages, contacts and call logs.


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