How To Use The Histogram Excel – Easy Newbie’s Guide

The histogram excel is a system which displays occurrence data by column chart. If you want to see the histogram in the excel sheet, first you need to add analysis ToolPak add-in. So, cautiously add this tools to the excel.  Now, what is excel? Excel is a software name that releases on September 30, 1985, by Microsoft office. This program is part of Microsoft office suite. This software developed by Microsoft. Excel is a spreadsheet that excess to create and edit sheet. The excel sheet is saved by .xlsx or xls extension. Commonly the excel file is using for pivot tables, calculation, and various type of graphing tools.

How to create a histogram excel

histogram excel

If you want to histogram in the excel, first you need to add-ins the ToolPak. Now see how to install.

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How to install analysis ToolPak for 2010 and 2013 excel

1st you need to install a ToolPak for use histogram in excel. Make sure that ToolPak is ready for use.

Go to the excel add-ins

Now click the file menu option. After clicking the file menu option then you need to click the add-ins option. Now you see a list. And find the add-ins option of the list. And click this. Now select the Analysis ToolPak.

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Install analysis ToolPak for 2007 excel

First, you need to click the Microsoft office button from the home screen. After clicking the Microsoft Office button, you need to select the excel option.

Then click the add-ins from the list, after clicking the add-ins option you can now see a popup dialog box on the homepage. Then check the analysis ToolPak option and click the ok.

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How to create the histogram in the excel sheet

Enter your data

For creating the histogram. First, you need to enter your data into the excel file. You can systematize your data in two spreadsheets which are adjacent columns. Now fill the input data on the left column and fill number on the right column. If your input data is A, B, C, D and E you can make them for it 50,60,70,80 and 90.

Data analysis box open

These posses are dependable for excel released version on 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. If you are using the latest version excel or the earlier you need to follow the process.

In 2007, 2010, and 2013: click the data tab option then click the data analysis option on the left side of the top corner.

For 2003 or earlier version: first, you need to go on the tools menu and select the data analysis option, if you do not find any data analysis option, you need to install the analysis ToolPak again on the add-in.

Select histogram

After clicking the data analysis option, you will find a popup dialog option. Now you need to searching histogram option on the dialog box another analysis tools. If you find the histogram tools on the dialog box, then click the ok button.

Input and bin range

Now you need to fill up the input range and bin range. The input is a range of cells which contains data. If you have ten input data on the right columns, then your input rage is A1: A10. Now enter the data range. The input is a range of cells which contains bin numbers. If your bins are for four number, then your bin range as B1: B4. Then you need to chart output box Checked. Now click the ok button.

Good job, now the histogram excel give you a histogram with a workbook. Remember, when you create the histogram in the excel sheet you need to systematize your data in two spreadsheets which are adjacent columns.


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