How To Change The Resolution In Different Windows

People who own a computer or laptop often face problems with the resolution. So, you must know how to change the resolution to avoid display issues. Setting the correct one is important as it will determine the size of text, image, and icons. Too high resolution with small graphics will put strains in your eyes. Also, too low resolution with high graphics will disrupt the display. It will lead to black screen and flickering. So, it is best to find out the best resolution that suits both your monitor and graphics.

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How to change the resolution?

How To Change The Resolution

There are different versions of Windows. The main focus of the article is to guide you on how to change the resolution for each version. Read the instructions for each Windows version below.

Windows 10

Right-click on the desktop and go to display settings. A window will open, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Advanced display settings”. Here, you will see a bar below “resolution“, click on it. It will expand and show different resolutions. Tap on the recommended one as it is best suited for your computer. Then, click on “apply” to change the setting. After this, the computer will ask you whether you want to keep the changes or not. So, press “keep changes” for the new one and “revert” to go back to the previous one.

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Windows 8 and Windows 7

To begin with, right-click on the desktop and go to screen resolution. A window will open named “Change the appearance of your display”. From there, click on the resolution bar and select or drag to the recommended one. Press “ok” and computer will ask for confirmation. Click “keep changes” to set the new display or “revert” to default back to the previous one.

Windows Vista

How to change the resolution in Windows Vista is not at all complicated. First, right-click on the desktop and go to personalize. Also, in some versions of Vista, it may say “properties” instead of “personalize”. A box of options will appear. Tap on “display settings”, it will show a display resolution slider. Slide left or right to adjust to the recommended resolution for your computer. Press “ok” and then click “yes” to save the changes. Also, you can revert back to the previous setting by clicking “no”.

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Windows XP

Changing the resolution in Windows XP is quite same as Windows Vista. Right-click on the desktop and go to properties. It will open the display properties. Sometimes it may not open it, so tap on the settings tab on top of the window to open. It will lead you to another page where you can see a display resolution slider. Adjust the screen resolution by moving it towards left or right. Remember that it should match the recommended resolution of your computer. Click on “apply” which will open a confirmation box. Press “yes” and you will save the new resolution.

In the end, I would say, learning how to change the resolution is important. After all, ergonomics is crucial (for example, having the perfect chair for gaming also helps). As it will help you to resolve some of the display issues. The recommended resolution is always the perfect one. Also, you must consider the size of your monitor before setting it as it plays a vital role.


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