Fix [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] Email Error Code

Are you stuck with the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code? Looking for a way to get back to enjoying your Outlook experience? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! 

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fix the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code and get back to using Outlook without any issues.

What is [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5]?

[pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] is an error code that can appear when using Microsoft Outlook. It is usually caused by incorrect configuration, a faulty installation process, or a conflict between multiple programs.

The [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error can prevent users from sending and receiving emails. To solve the issue, first, you need to understand what the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error is.

The [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error can be caused due to several reasons such as incorrect Outlook configuration, improper installation of the program, or incompatibility between multiple programs running simultaneously on your computer.

In addition,

multitasking on a laptop or desktop computer can lead to this type of error.

To fix the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code, try uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft Outlook on your device.

You should also make sure you are using the latest version of Microsoft Outlook and check for any compatibility issues with other programs running in the background. If this doesn’t work, try clearing your browser cache and cookies or contact Microsoft support for further assistance.

How does [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] affect Microsoft Outlook?

The [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code can affect Microsoft Outlook in many ways. It is usually caused by settings in Microsoft Outlook that are known as Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format (RTF).

These settings control how emails are formatted and sent, which can cause issues with the formatting of email addresses in your account. Additionally, it affects other features such as Skype for Business integration, antivirus software interaction, and the AppData folder being redirected to a network location.

To resolve this issue, make sure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer.


check for any third-party add-ins that may be interfering with your email client and delete them if necessary.


try to reduce the number of recurring meetings and long-lived meetings to decrease the impact on performance. If these steps fail to fix the issue then you should contact Microsoft Support for additional assistance.

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Troubleshooting Tips for [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] Error in Microsoft Outlook

Troubleshooting an [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error in Microsoft Outlook can be a challenge. The first step is to identify the cause of the problem.

The most common causes of this error are –

  • incorrect Outlook installation
  • system conflicts
  • corrupted Outlook data

To troubleshoot this issue, you should try the following steps:

  1. Type Outlook /safe in the Search programs and files and then click OK. This will open Outlook in safe mode which allows you to access its features without any interference from third-party add-ons or programs that might be running on your computer.
  2. Repair a profile in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016. In these versions of Outlook, choose File > Account Settings > Manage Profiles and select Repair from the list of options.
  3. We recommend using Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 to automatically diagnose an issue, and troubleshoot and fix problems with Microsoft Office products like Outlook.
  4. Restarting your computer can also help clear up memory issues that might be causing errors with outlook so this could be worth trying as well.
  5. You may also want to consider replacing your old version of Microsoft Office with a newer version as this could help resolve any compatibility issues that are causing problems with outlook too.

If none of these steps resolves the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code you should consider taking your computer to a professional who can look into potential solutions more thoroughly such as reinstalling Windows or reinstalling MS Office completely if necessary.

Is the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] Error Permanent?

The [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code is a common issue when it comes to using Microsoft Outlook.

This error is mainly caused when Outlook fails to work properly due to conflicts with other email accounts or software. It can also be caused by installation issues, corrupt files, or outdated versions of Outlook.

To fix the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code, you will need to take several steps. First, try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache.

You should also check your Outlook version and ensure it is up-to-date. If not, download the latest version from the official Microsoft website. 


if you have multiple accounts connected to Outlook, try disconnecting them all and connecting them again one at a time to find which one is causing the problem.


if none of these methods work for you then consider uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Outlook on your computer system.

The [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code is not permanent and can be fixed with some simple troubleshooting steps such as those mentioned above.


if you are still having difficulty resolving this issue then it may be best to contact Microsoft support for assistance in finding a more permanent solution for your problem.

What are the Possible Causes of the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] Error?

The [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error code can be caused by a variety of different issues, and it’s important to understand what the root cause of the problem may be to resolve it.

Some of the most common causes of this error code include an improper installation of Microsoft Outlook, an outdated version of Windows, or corrupt cookies and cache data.


if other programs are running on your computer while you’re using Outlook, they could be interfering with its operations and causing the [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error.

In some cases,

simply restarting Outlook or updating it to the latest version can help fix this issue. If these methods don’t work, however, clearing out your browser’s cookies and cache data should do the trick.

How to Fix the [pii email 9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] Error?

The [pii email 9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error is an Outlook software problem that can be caused by a few different issues.

If you are experiencing this error,

it means that the Outlook application on your computer is not working properly and needs to be fixed.


there are some simple solutions that you can try to get your Outlook software running again.

Here are some tips for fixing the [pii email 9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error:

Clear Your Cache and Cookies

The first step in resolving this issue is to clear out any cached data or cookies from your web browser. This will help ensure that all of the information stored in your browser is up-to-date and accurate, which can prevent certain errors from occurring.

Check Your Account Settings

Next, check your account settings in Outlook to make sure everything is configured correctly. Make sure that all of the fields are filled in with the correct information and double-check any passwords you entered for accuracy.

Update Your Software

If none of the above steps have worked so far, then you may need to update your Outlook software to the latest version available. This will help ensure that any bugs or glitches causing the [pii email 9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] error have been fixed by Microsoft’s engineers.

Contact Microsoft Support

If none of these steps have worked so far, then it might be time to contact Microsoft support directly for help with resolving this issue specific to your computer setup and Outlook version number.

Hopefully one of these steps has helped resolve the error.

Updating or Uninstalling and Reinstalling Microsoft Outlook

Updating or uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Outlook can be a great way to improve the performance of your email program.

If you are experiencing errors, issues sending or receiving emails, or just want to start fresh, then uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook can be the solution.


you need to uninstall Outlook from your computer. To do this, go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program. Then select Microsoft Office 365 (or whichever version of Outlook you have installed) and click Uninstall.

Once it is fully uninstalled, restart your computer and download the latest version of Outlook from Microsoft’s website. Install it on your computer following the instructions given in the setup wizard.

If you would like to update Office but can’t open any of your Office apps, try repairing your Office suite:

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Select Microsoft Office 365 (or whichever version of Office you have installed) > Click Change at the top right corner > Select Repair option in the pop-up window that appears.

This will repair any corrupted files in your installation without affecting any data on your system.


open up Outlook again and check if everything is working correctly now. Updating or uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Outlook [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5] should help alleviate any issues you were having with email performance and reliability.

Using an Alternative Email Client

Using an alternative email client is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to manage their emails more efficiently.

There are many different email clients available, each with its own set of features and benefits. From Outlook to F-Droid and K-9 Mail, there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

Outlook is the most popular email client among businesses.


it comes with a few drawbacks such as its pricey subscription fees.


there are plenty of other options available that offer similar features at a fraction of the cost. F-Droid and K-9 Mail are two popular alternatives for those looking for a free or low-cost solution. Both programs offer powerful features like multi-folder sync, email signatures, Bcc-to-self, etc., but K-9 Mail also provides additional security settings like password encryption and two-factor authentication for added peace of mind.

Besides Outlook and the two mentioned above, there are several other great options out there including eM Client, Thunderbird from Mozilla, Zoho Mail from Zoho Corporation, Incredimail from Perion Network Ltd., Windows Live Mail from Microsoft Corporation, and more.

Each program offers its own unique set of features that can help you customize your email experience according to your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple setup or advanced customization tools – there’s an email client out there just waiting to be used!

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Clearing Cache 

Clearing cache and cookies is an important task to do if you want to keep your device running smoothly and securely. Clearing the cache can help resolve issues with webpages not loading or displaying properly, as well as speed up your browsing experience.

Clearing the cookies can help protect your privacy by getting rid of trackers that may be collecting information about you without your knowledge. It can also help to delete old versions of forms or downloads that you may no longer need.

When it comes to clearing cache and [pii_email_9adeb2eb81f173c673a5], this process is very similar to other browsers. On Chrome app on Android phones or tablets, open the Chrome app from the home screen, tap More at the top right corner then tap History and select All time next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files to delete everything. Click Clear data when finished.

On a computer, clearing cache for specific browsers will be slightly different depending on whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., but overall the process is fairly simple. In Chrome, for example, click on Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security > Clear browsing data -> Check boxes next to Cookies and other site data & Cached images & files then click on Clear Data when finished.

In addition to deleting caches on browsers, it’s also important to clear cached data from apps as this can free up storage space as well as fix performance issues such as slow loading times or unexpected crashes. To do this in Android devices go into Settings > Apps & notifications > App info where you can select any app from the list then tap Storage > Clear Cache which will delete


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