Macbook Pro vs. Lenovo ThinkPad: Which Laptop Is Worth Your Money?

Lenovo ThinkPad

So, your school or work has decided to go remote indefinitely, and your old laptop can no longer keep up with your demands. It’s time for a new computer, which begs one question: should you get a Mac or a PC? This debate is almost as old as modern computing, and as fierce a rivalry as … Read more

Use of to Activate Your YouTube in Different Devices activate

YouTube, with its billions of videos on different topics, has become part and parcel of our daily life. Moreover, it is a popular media to monetize your online activities. Thus, we all want a properly verified and activated YouTube account.  Fortunately, you can use to correctly and shortly activate your YouTube account and channel, … Read more

5 Best Free Online Tools to Extract Text from Images

Extract Text from Images

In the past, people used to save their documents, files, important notes all in hard copies and the main reason behind this was no other option apart from storing it safely in the shape of physical form. Further, those documents, notes, and important files moved from generation to generation in the physical form but unfortunately, … Read more

5 Educational Cybersecurity Steps That Can Boost Your Online Protection


Does The Amount And Value Of Data Matter? What do we know about online security? Various information, stories, and myths can be found on the Internet, which we sometimes unconsciously take to be true. Due to the abundance of information on the Internet, it is not always easy to separate the truths. Believing that we … Read more

How To Make Awesome Posters Just In A Few Minutes [DesignCap Review]

The poster is considered one of the cost-effective ways for advertisers, organizations, and individuals to communicate an idea. For those who are looking for posters, but with little designing experience and not much budget, it would be quite useful to resort to massive graphics design tools and software. And DesignCap gives a hand to make … Read more