Reviews of The Best Keyboards For Touch Typing 2024

List of Top Rated Keyboards For Touch Typing Reviews

List of the best keyboards for touch typing. The comparison table helps you to decide to select a quality one. Following keyboards for touch typing ready in the online marketplace. Buy it now.

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The Best Keyboards For Touch Typing Reviews

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600), Black top case, Cherry MX Brown Switches, QWERTY keycaps
464 Reviews
Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600), Black top case, Cherry MX Brown Switches, QWERTY keycaps
  • CONTOURED ERGONOMIC SHAPE PROVEN TO INCREASE COMFORT AND PRODUCTIVITY: Patented design features split keywells with concave shape, thumb keys, orthogonal layout, 20 degrees of tenting, and integrated palm supports with cushioned palm pads.
  • GENUINE CHERRY MECHANICAL SWITCHES FOR PREMIUM TYPING FEEL AND PERFORMANCE: Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches feature a low activation force, tactile feedback and are rated for 50 million key presses for unmatched durability.
  • Full onboard programmability with the Driverless Smart Set engine: Custom layouts in QWERTY or Dvorak, on-the-fly macro recording, one-touch key remapping, Windows, Mac, PC modes, settings saved to keyboards 4MB flash memory, Smart Set app GUI for Windows
  • Plug-and-play with all major operating systems: Windows 7-10, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome.
  • 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Buy with confidence knowing that Kinesis engineers all our products in the USA to the highest standards and stands behind them 100 percent since 1992.
Filco Majestouch 2 (Cherry MX Blue) Keyboard
253 Reviews
Filco Majestouch 2 (Cherry MX Blue) Keyboard
  • Switch type: Cherry MX Blue
  • Keycaps: Black Pad Printed ABS
  • LED Backlighting: none
  • Size: Full Size
Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Switches, 2-Port USB 3.0 Hub, Volume Knob, Aluminum Top (104 Keys, Black)
3,237 Reviews
Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Switches, 2-Port USB 3.0 Hub, Volume Knob, Aluminum Top (104 Keys, Black)
  • 4 PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL KEYBOARD - The thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world! The combination of tactile feel, the psycho-acoustic experience and incredible craftsmanship all deliver an unmatched typing experience that only Das Keyboard 4 offers. With a Das Keyboard 4, you'll type faster and longer. It feels so good, you won't want to stop.
  • PREMIUM SOFT TACTILE EXPERIENCE - Best-in-class Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches provide tactile and audio feedback so accurate it allows you to execute every keystroke with lightning-fast precision. Factory lubricated stabilizers on large keys for smooth typing with bumps on the F and J keys. The Soft Pressure Point switch technology makes the mechanical keyboard less clicky while providing an awesome tactile experience.
  • UP TO 50 MILLION KEYSTROKES - Laser-etched keycaps for maximum durability are paired with Cherry MX Brown switches, giving your new mechanical keyboard life up to 50 million keystrokes. High-performance, gold-plated switches provide the best contact and typing experience because, unlike other metals, gold does not rust, increasing the lifespan of the switch.
  • FULL N-KEY ROLLOVER - Fast typists, productive professionals and gamers will appreciate that Das Keyboard 4 supports full NKRO over USB. No need to use a PS2 adapter anymore. Just press shift + mute to toggle to NKRO (works with both Windows and Linux).
  • 2 PORT USB 3.0 HUB & MORE - The convenience to charge USB devices & simultaneously upload content through USB is right at your fingertips. A blazing fast 2- port USB 3.0 hub to transfer music, high resolution pics & large videos at up to 5Gb/second. That’s 10x faster than USB 2.0. Extra long 6.5ft(201cm) USB cable w/ single USB A connector. Dedicated media controls w/ LARGE VOLUME KNOB & instant sleep button. Magnetically detachable footbar ruler to raise the keyboard to an optimal 4-degrees.

The Best Keyboards For Touch Typing – Deails Buying Guide

Touch typing is so essential in this busy world. We have to perform several tasks on the computer in a short period. But not every keyboard can give you the comforts of typing.

That’s why there are the best keyboards for touch typing available for you to make your fingers feel joy.

Mechanical keyboard or membrane keyboard

Mechanical switches respond via little mechanical switches you have underneath your key switches. Membrane keyboards have a plastic membrane underneath them to respond to your clicking.

We recommend you get a mechanical keyboard for touch typing. Because mechanical keyboards switches are fast to respond. And you don’t have to press harder to type anything. On the other hand, membrane switches feel “mushy” or “happy” while typing.

The right switches

Choosing the right type of switches is the ultimate goal for touch typing keyboards. Your keyboard switches have to be responsive in time. Comfort and relaxation are a must while typing on the keyboard.

Before getting the keyboard, make sure you’re testing it by typing fast. By doing this, you will learn the idea of how the switches are feeling on your finger.

The right Design

The right design plays a vital role in touch typing keyboards. The ergonomic design that allows your hand to rest is a great design for keyboards.

Every typist needs to get an ergonomic design for your keyboard. The wrong designed keyboard can drain your typing skills easily. You can not be done with the task in time if you don’t have the right keyboard for you. Ergonomic designs minimize fatigue and keep you relaxed.

The Layout

The layout of your keyboard determines your typing skills. Every keyboard has different layouts for different purposes.

Before purchasing a keyboard, test the keyboard by practicing it. Make sure your fingers are reaching every key easily. Some keyboard layouts don’t allow your fingers to reach all switches. That’s why choosing the right layout for your keyboard is a must-important factor.


Buy your keyboard as an investment. That’s why make sure to get the best keyboard on budget. Do not go for cheap and low-priced keyboards as they are not durable and long-lasting. Make sure to get the right keyboard even if it’s expensive.

How I Type REALLY Fast (156 Words per Minute)

Keyboards For Fast Typing


We have mentioned FAQs about keyboards for touch typing.

Are bigger keyboards good for typing?

You have to stretch your fingers and arms to type fast on a bigger keyboard. Therefore, less wide and full-sized keyboards are better for typing.

Does a good keyboard make a difference in typing?

A good keyboard can turn your whole typing skill into another level. Definitely, a good keyboard improves your typing. It will increase your typing speed. And you will feel comfortable while typing on a good keyboard.

Final Thoughts

If you want to increase your typing speed, you need to invest in the best keyboard for touch typing. But not all keyboards are best for touch typing. That’s why this article will help you to guide the right keyboard for you. We hope you get this article informative.


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