(The Killer) Modern Metal Wall Art Decor and Sculptures

People have been always finding newer ways to design their home for ages. Thus, it calls upon natural designs as well as ancient styles of wall arts.

Talking about ancient wall art, what comes in mind for the first time is large metal wall art sculptures and decor.

Being a part of the architecture, sculptures have been one of the finest methods to conceive a stylish and enormous outlook among people.

Here in this content, our main goal is to bring the wall arts and wall sculpture basics into the limelight.

So let’s begin-

Eurway Wall Sculptures
Eurway Wall Sculptures

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Ancient Metal Wall art Decor and Sculptures: The History

The development and evolution of wall sculpture decor had been taking place for centuries. Mainly it has been marked by swings between sculptural and pictorial dominance.

Here comes a clear differentiation between pictures and sculptures that are used to decorate the wall. And the choice varied a lot from nation to nation and also from time to time.

As an example, in Geen Art, wall arts were more preferred to be pictorial rather than sculptural works. In Macedonia, wall arts were supposed to be contracted sculptures instead of wall pictures.


during the years of the late 1900s,

3D wall sculptures took place in the business and acquired huge popularity among the art-loving people. People at that age loved a lot to expense for a beautifully decorated wall full of artistic works.


with the evolution of technology, more precision and variation in design come up and together with the ancient concepts; it turned to be a great field of art.

Metal Wall Art Decor Pretty Picture
Metal Wall Art Decor Pretty Picture

About Metal Wall art Decor and Sculptures

Metal wall arts are abstract works on walls that are made of metal like

  • steel alloys
  • brass
  • copper
  • iron, etc.

In recent years,

the ancient style of decoration interior with metal artworks has been so familiar and people are looking for variation in style and structure.

Also, structural strength, shininess, durability, etc. are being preferences of modern interior decoration.

A special type of metal artwork is wall sculpture. In this blog, we are particularly focusing on wall decor sculptures that are used as interior decoration elements massively.

Metal Baskets Wall Art
Metal Baskets Wall Art

About Wall Sculpture Art

In modern wall art definitions,

modern metal wall sculpture or relief sculptures are the types of project work that belong to the wall or hangs from any kind of vertical surface.

The relief sculptures are usually known as how much height it belongs to from the wall.

Relief sculptures are defined as combinations of pictorial arts of two dimensions and sculpture arts of three-dimension.

Thus metal sculpture wall art depends mainly on the surface design and is extended to a plane so the entire artwork can be visible.

Drawing Wall Art

Drawing Wall Art

What Looks Great as Metal Wall art Decor and Sculptures?

If you are passionate about metal wall art decor and sculptures, you might have known that wall sculpture art comes up with either one large piece of art or a combination of several small sculptures.

It depends on the style and other interior factors of the house.

The second option, which is a combination of several small wall sculptures, allows a person to spread out the pieces to cover more wall area. Also, it provides room to orientate the design as he wants.

In the other type of metal sculpture design, the user is not allowed to do so.

Talking about the evolution of metal wall art decor and sculptures, there had been so many styles at different ages that can be adapted according to the culture of the locality, also on the design of the room.

For any style, there are sculptures are available- from Retro to Modern.

Ancient Metal Wall Tree Rusty
Ancient Metal Wall Tree Rusty

Types of Casual Wall Sculpture Works

With a harmonic evolution of wall sculptures from age to age, there had been so many styles and designs from different artists on the stage. Here is shortlisting of the types of casual wall sculpture works-

Relief angle is something to determine how much of the entire body will be visually exposed. According to the degree of relief, wall sculptures can be divided into three major categories-

  1. High-relief Wall Sculpture.
  2. Mid-relief wall sculpture.
  3. Low-relief wall sculpture.
  4. Bas-relief wall sculpture.
  5. Shallow-relief wall sculpture.

Also, from a historical point of view, we can also classify the Metal Wall art Decor and Sculptures. As example-

  1. Prehistoric wall sculpture works.
  2. Ancient wall sculpture works.
  3. Medieval wall sculpture works.
  4. Renaissance wall sculpture works.
  5. Modern wall sculpture works.
Moon Metal Wall Art Decor
Moon Metal Wall Art Decor

How Wall Sculptures Differ from Traditional Sculptures?

From a view of design and art, there are some special differences between traditional sculptures, abstract metal sculpture and metal wall art decor and sculptures arts that have made wall sculptures more appealing and stunning. Here is why-


a perfectly designed wall sculpture can express a wide range of concepts rather than traditional sculptures or statues.

For example,

expressing a famous battle line with wall sculptures can be way easier than with a freestanding sculpture.


the expression of natural and artificial concepts and abstract arts are way easier with wall sculptures.

Lotus Flower Decoration Metal Wall Art Sculptures

Secondly, as the wall sculpture artwork hangs up on the wall, there is no issue with balancing or physical maintenance.

Whereas, in other types of freestanding structures, it may require high attention to these factors.

Thirdly, relief works or wall sculptures are usually supported by walls, portals, ceilings or any other vertical surfaces. So they are ideal for representing architectural projects.

Thus it can provide both decorative and functional preferences.

Metal Wall Art
Metal Wall Art

A list of Famous Wall Sculpture Works

Here is a list of metal wall art decor and sculptures that had been famous for the artistic value for ages-

  • Venus of Laussel (c.23,000 BCE)
  • Salmon of the Abri du Poisson Cave (c.23,000 BCE)
  • Tuc d’Audoubert Bison (c.13,500 BCE)
  • Gobekli Tepe Animal reliefs and other megalithic art (c.9000 BCE)
  • Parthenon Reliefs (c.446-430 BCE),
  • Temple of Apollo Epikourios, East Frieze (c.420 BCE)
  • Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Amazon Frieze (c.350 BCE)
  • Pergamon Altar of Zeus (c.180 BCE)
  • Ara Pacis Augustae (c.10 BCE)

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