SureMembers Review: WordPress Membership Made Easy

Are you an aspiring content creator, an educator, or an entrepreneur looking to monetize your expertise and valuable content? 

In the digital age, the answer to profitability often lies in creating a membership website. Such websites offer exclusive, valuable content to subscribers who are willing to pay for premium access.

To set up and manage a membership site effectively, you need a robust membership plugin for your WordPress website. One such plugin that has been gaining popularity for its simplicity and features is SureMembers


In this review, we’ll explore SureMembers and provide an in-depth analysis to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your membership website.

What is SureMembers?

SureMembers is a WordPress membership plugin developed by the Brainstorm Force team, the same experts behind the Astra WordPress theme and other renowned products like SureCart, SureTriggers, ZipWP etc. 

It’s designed to streamline the process of creating and managing a membership website by offering the essential and required features for any kind of membership website. 

Unlike some complex membership solutions, SureMembers focuses on the minimal, decent, and clean UI while ensuring ease of use and compatibility with various WordPress elements.

So let’s see the key features offered by SureMembers and how you can use them for your membership website.

Key Features of SureMembers

1. Seamless Integration

SureMembers is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular plugins, including SureCart and Gutenberg. Additionally, it has native integration with “SureTriggers,” which functions like Zapier but is tailored specifically for WordPress. This high level of compatibility means less time troubleshooting technical issues and more time focusing on your content and members.

2. Customizable Access Groups

Personalization is essential for member satisfaction and retention. SureMembers allows you to create custom access groups for different membership levels, enabling you to segment your audience and offer tailored content or privileges based on the membership tier.

3. Content Protection and Restriction

Protecting your valuable content from unauthorized access is crucial for the success of your membership site. SureMembers ensures that only paying members have access to your exclusive content. You have full control over protection settings and restrictions, providing you with the ability to manage accessibility and content effectively.

4. Drip Content Management

Effective content scheduling is vital to keep members engaged and eager for more. SureMembers provides comprehensive control over when and how you release content to your members. This feature allows you to maintain a steady flow of fresh material and strategically plan your content release strategy.

5. User-Friendly Interface:

Navigating through complex membership plugins can be challenging, even for experienced website owners. SureMembers addresses this concern by offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface that eliminates unnecessary complexities in site management. This user-friendly design ensures that you can operate and manage your membership site without being overwhelmed by technical challenges.

SureMembers simplifies the process of building and managing a thriving online membership business by offering these key features. Whether you’re a seasoned website owner or just starting your online venture, SureMembers provides a comprehensive toolkit for your membership site needs.

Pricing and Support

SureMembers understands that the needs of different membership site owners vary. To cater to a wide range of users, SureMembers offers three main pricing plans:

SureMembers Pricing

Pro Plan: Priced at $69 per year, this plan is best suited for bloggers, individuals, and solopreneurs. It includes usage on one site, one year of updates and support, and 24/7 priority customer support.

Business Plan: At $99 per year, this plan targets freelancers, businesses, and professionals, allowing usage on up to five websites. It also includes a year’s worth of updates and support along with 24/7 priority customer support.

Agency Plan: Designed for agencies and professionals managing clients, the Agency plan costs $149 per year, permitting usage on up to ten websites. It covers one-year updates, one-year support, and 24/7 priority customer service.

SureMembers’ pricing plans are competitive in the membership plugin market, striking a balance between affordability and functionality. Whether you’re an individual or an agency, SureMembers provides well-structured plans to meet your unique requirements.

The plugin’s customer support is efficient and reliable, with dedicated experts committed to helping users tackle technical challenges or providing guidance through any issues that may arise. This ensures a smooth experience for SureMembers users as they build and manage their membership sites.

SureMembers Alternatives

Choosing the right membership plugin is crucial for the success of your membership site. Let’s compare SureMembers with some other popular membership plugins to evaluate their functionality, ease of use, and customizability:

1. MemberPress


MemberPress is renowned for its robust feature set and seamless integration with the WordPress ecosystem. While SureMembers offers similar features, MemberPress shines with its course offerings and the ability to incorporate order bumps at checkout.

However, SureMembers stands out for its user-friendly approach, making it appealing to those who prefer a simpler, more straightforward experience and pricing more affordable.

2. WishList Member

WishList Member

WishList Member has a long-standing presence in the market, offering support for unlimited membership levels and customizable signup processes.

While SureMembers shares many powerful features with WishList Member, the latter’s established track record and proven success may attract creators who prefer a plugin with a history of reliability.

3. Member Mouse

Member Mouse

Member Mouse focuses on user experience and content dripping, simplifying customer retention and upselling. SureMembers shares many similar features with Member Mouse, but the latter stands out with its built-in split-testing system, multisite compatibility, and extensive access logs and performance reports.

These additional capabilities give Member Mouse an advantage in optimization and management for experienced site administrators.

4. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Created by the same team behind Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro is known for its lightweight and intuitive nature. While SureMembers competes well in terms of user-friendliness, Restrict Content Pro’s extensible framework may attract advanced users who seek a higher level of customization and adaptability.

SureMembers may be a newer plugin in the market, but it offers a user-friendly approach, compatibility, and innovative features that make it a competitive choice in the world of membership plugins. Ultimately, the choice of the ideal plugin depends on your specific requirements and preferences.

The Pros and Cons of SureMembers

No membership plugin is perfect; each has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of SureMembers to help you determine if this plugin suits your specific needs:


  1. Intuitive User Experience: SureMembers is designed for ease of use, simplifying the management of a membership site for both experienced site owners and beginners. This user-friendly approach reduces the learning curve, ensuring you can quickly get your site up and running.
  2. Seamless Integration with Essential Plugins: Compatibility is vital in a membership plugin, and SureMembers delivers by working smoothly with popular plugins like SureCart and Gutenberg. This seamless integration simplifies the process of creating a cohesive membership site while minimizing technical challenges.
  3. Feature-Rich Capabilities: SureMembers offers a variety of features catering to numerous use cases. The plugin provides robust content protection, customizable access groups, drip content management, and a user-friendly interface—essential components of a successful membership site.
  4. Attractive Pricing Plans and Efficient Support: SureMembers offers competitive pricing, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from individual bloggers to agencies managing multiple clients. The inclusion of efficient customer support ensures you can address any challenges you may encounter.


While SureMembers demonstrates great potential, it’s still a newer entrant in the market compared to well-established alternatives. The community support might not be as extensive as more established plugins, but the team behind it is actively improving and expanding the features.

SureMembers offers a straightforward solution for WordPress users looking to create and manage membership sites. Its simplicity, seamless integration, feature-rich capabilities, attractive pricing, and efficient support make it a compelling choice. While it may not be the most specialized or feature-heavy option available, it provides an excellent starting point for creators of all levels of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SureMembers suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! SureMembers is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced WordPress users alike.

Can I use SureMembers with other e-commerce plugins?

Yes, you can integrate SureMembers with e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce and SureCart to enhance the functionality of your membership site.

What types of websites are SureMembers best suited for?

SureMembers is ideal for a wide range of websites, including educational platforms, content-driven blogs, and any site looking to monetize exclusive content.

How do SureMembers handle content dripping?

SureMembers provides flexible content dripping options, allowing you to release content to members at scheduled intervals, keeping your audience engaged and eager for more.

Does SureMembers have a free version?

No, SureMembers does not offer a free version. However, it provides affordable pricing plans, ensuring you receive quality features and support for your investment.


In the realm of membership plugins for WordPress, SureMembers offers a compelling and user-friendly solution. Its seamless integration, feature-rich capabilities, customizable plans, and efficient support make it a valuable choice for content creators, educators, and entrepreneurs looking to build and manage membership websites.

While it may not have the extensive history of some competitors, SureMembers provides a reliable entry point for both beginners and experienced website owners. By considering your specific needs and preferences, you can decide if SureMembers is the ideal solution for your WordPress membership site.

Ready to explore SureMembers and create your membership website? Visit the official SureMembers website to learn more about this promising membership plugin and take the first step toward building a thriving online community around your valuable content.


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