5 Simple Ways You Can Use Neuroscience to Increase Your Digital Marketing Productivity

Neuroscience pertains to the study of the brain and the nervous system. How we can integrate the knowledge of it in our business requires a careful study of its complexities and an understanding better left to the professionals. That being said, an action plan based on its nuances can very well lead to better results for all those of us working in the marketing industry. Offshore outsourcing companies that provide digital marketing services often tend to lose the idea of the bigger picture while focusing on the details of each project they begin.

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Working Smart

There really isn’t a point of working hard if you’re not going to be smart about it. Of course, the 3 days you spent optimizing that website matter, but if someone can do it better and in lesser time then that’s definitely more valuable. All it really means is to be motivated to finish the task as quickly and as creatively as possible. Maneuver your willpower to support you, just enough to get done with a task effectively.

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Getting Difficult Tasks Out of Your Way First

Studies conducted on the brain point to one important result: your brain is much faster in the morning than later. What this simple result dictates is that for people involved in tedious digital marketing processes, it is important that they get done with the most difficult bits right in the beginning. Start your morning with a giant cup of coffee and that technical SEO plan. Yikes.

Creating Lists

Again and again whilst optimizing pages for the web, you find yourself recommending lists and sorted content that makes it easier for the users’ brain to comprehend it. In the very same way, it is important that you create our own lists to help sort out your tasks for your brain to comprehend. When information is delivered in a complex and indirect way it is harder for the brain to register its importance. Creating a list will ensure that you do not lose focus while working on something, and can also help you order tasks according to priority.

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No Multitasking

Do you believe you are good at multitasking? WRONG. As smart as you may be, brains aren’t really equipped to handle multiple tasks at once. When you undertake a job, it is important that you focus on it completely rather than flit through numerous jobs and not give them you’re all. A complex thought process is involved with each and it is better that you do one perfect task than several not-so-perfect tasks.


Adding Meaning to Your Work

A long day of doing nothing but keyword research or analyzing your competitors’ websites sounds dull but is still an integral part of digital marketing. When you involve the brain in tasks that are monotonous or require less creativity, the work quality is likely to drop. There are brain receptors that specifically affect these and those are the areas to target to improve productivity. A go-getting attitude along with a positive outlook can help retain your attention in such tasks and increase dopamine for intrinsic motivation. Remember always that your task is a means to achieve an end, which can prove beneficial for you. The larger scenario will be helped by every little repetitive task you complete.

The implementation of psychology in the workplace is an acute science best left to those familiar with the field, however by incorporating simple changes in the way we think and work we can bring about great changes.


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