7 Quick SEO Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

To increase your search engine’s visibility, most companies try to build organic traffic with visitors who share their content, are regulars on the website, and leave feedback.

However, if you wish to increase organic traffic on your website, you need to make a conscious effort to better your search engine rankings. For that to happen, you should follow the below listed seven SEO tips. These tips can help you accentuate your web traffic.

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So, let us get started and address these tips one by one.   

Optimize The Blog For The Readers And Not Search Engine

‘Firstly, write down the buyer persona. This helps you understand who you are writing your content for. If you produce educational and good quality content, which resonates with your buyers, you can certainly boost your SEO,’ comments Jason, an SEO expert with TangoLearn

So, for what Jason just said, you should tap into the prime concerns of your buyers by utilizing the keywords that they use for searching on search engines. However, please understand that merely optimizing the search engine is not going to prove beneficial.

With that, you will have nothing more than keyword-riddled nonsense. But, if you can successfully please your buyers, you can please the search engine too. 

With SEO monitoring, you can analyze things working for you. It provides valuable information about your site’s organic visibility in search engines.

Design For The Mobile

Of course, voice search is significant, but over time we have seen and understand that even if it is not present, it will not affect your website conversion so much. However, whether it means that voice search may never be vital for the e-commerce marketers or whether it means that it needs to grow further is something that time will decide.

But what we know so far is that, in the current scenario, around fifty percent of all purchases and almost every search happens on mobile phones. What’s more? Over seventy-seven percent of Americans possess a smartphone. About seventy-nine percent of these users have shopped online via their smartphone in the past six months.

About forty percent of all the online purchases that took place in the 2018 holiday season happened on the smartphone. Eighty percent of smart shoppers utilized their smartphone while they were in a physical store to compare prices, check reviews, or search for an alternative store in the vicinity.

Moreover, Google does rank your website based on its mobile responsiveness. Hence, every website you make must focus on providing your users with a great experience. However, that does not mean that you overlook the desktop experience, but that also means that mobiles come first. 

Get Listed In The Online Directories

The third incredible way to elevate your website traffic is by getting your website listed o online directories. Alternatively, you can even try out some review websites.

However, do ensure that you update your listings. There are so many other websites on the internet that are willing to link to your website. This can earn you good web traffic. If you update right, and if you list your website on platforms with high domain authority, you give your brand a chance to rank even higher in the relevant search. 

Work On The Loading Speed 

‘Your page’s loading speed is incredibly vital for more reasons than one. First, when your website loads slow, Google will recognize the issue, directly impacting your website’s ranking. Moreover, your site’s slow loading speed will also hamper how your audience interacts with your website.

So, when these interactions are negative, that, too, will have a negative implication on your website ranking,’ comments Ruskin, an online educator who offers ‘do my Matlab homework’ services. 

Now, the big question is how slow is too slow? Studies suggest that if the website takes longer than three seconds to load, the users will immediately abandon it. Unfortunately, eighty percent of these users never return to the website again.

This can be incredibly terrible for your website’s ranking. However, if the website loads fast on the flip side, users will repeatedly come back to your page. Your website’s popularity is decided according to Google’s algorithm, and this will influence your search ranking.

Thus, it becomes all the more vital to optimize your server response time and page speed. If you wish to assess your website’s speed, you can use online services, such as Pingdom. It can enable you to access your website from different locations around the world.

So, if you see on Pingdom that your website is running slow in any region, you need to test the plugins and the website theme. 

Keep A Check On Your Website’s Progress.

When you update your website, you need to keep a check on its progress. For this, you can utilize an SEO audit tool. This tool gives you an idea of how your SEO strategies are working for you. If this seems like a lot of work, you can hire an SEO professional to do the task for you. There are an array of reasons to perform an SEO audit for your website. 

  1. Search engine algorithm evolves over time – Almost every prominent search engine regularly revises its algorithm. So, you should update yourself about these changes. It can help you alter your website accordingly. SEO audits can help you assess broken or bad links – It is vital to ensure that your website does not have any broken or bad links. One of the best ways to get those errors in light is an SEO audit. It can help you divert the broken links and regain your traffic. 
  2. Perform SEO audits to find outdated content on your website – One of the prime reasons people visit your website is to see the latest and new content. If they have stopped revisiting, it means that you need to evaluate your content and refresh it. 

Blog Constantly

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic on your website is blogging. By blogging, you can go into more depth than what your website allows. Further, with blogging, you can build a catalogue of persona-optimized, helpful content that speaks of your market niche. While producing content, ensure that the quality is good and there are no unnecessary keywords stuffed into it. 

Make The Most Of Internal Links

Lastly, once you have designed a good back content catalogue, you can link it to the blogs on the website. So, in this manner, you can guide your users to more relevant content. It is a great tactic to increase the time a visitor spends on your website and does boost your search engine rankings.

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