Top 5 App Development Trends to Benefit Healthcare

The advent of smart devices and mobile applications has literally revolutionized almost every phase of our lives. In fact, every industry is seeking automation and a better way to deal with the existing crises via using technology. The healthcare industry is currently under a big challenge as the population is increasing at an alarming rate and the majority of it is entering the seniority level.

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The platforms need to be transformed and equipped with better equipment so that it can easily handle the increasing demand in future years. This is where innovations and technology come into the picture. The mobile healthcare industry will grow to US$ 60 Billion by the end of 2020 due to the increase in the number of users. The number of mobile users has increased to 46% from 36% within a year.

Every aspect in this industry such as wearable devices, remote consultation, healthcare websites, social media awareness, remote monitoring, etc has witnessed a huge growth within a few years.

The Mobile App Development Companies are providing the best platform for healthcare institutions to fabricate the best interface where a user can easily find the ideal service, information, and other necessary assistance in the future. The revolution will bring a better place for both the parties to enjoy more convenience and benefits.

5 Top Trends to Follow This Year

These will be the latest trends in the healthcare app development segment to witness in 2019.

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Corporate Applications for Patients & Employees

The bigger healthcare brands are indulging in creating their own application so that they can easily make the services better and timely for the patients. As per a survey was done recently, nearly 66 brands out of 100 mention worthy hospitals in the USA have chosen to create a mobile platform for the employees so that they can easily serve the common people better.

These apps will eventually have new platforms such as remote consultation, remote care, cloud storage, electronic health record system, etc for the benefits of the healthcare professionals working on the platform. The advent of such apps will be witnessed even more in the year 2019 as the demand for an efficient healthcare system increases rapidly. The consumers will also find a brilliant user interface in the upcoming years to use and enjoy the convenience. The consumer-side application will deliver all the necessary information regarding prescribed medications, adverse drug reactions, side effects, dosage, procurement, billing, and other important phases.

Patients & Employees

Artificial Intelligence

The healthcare industry is a very crucial part of human civilization. It needs the best infrastructure so that the ailing can find the ideal service on time. This means that the services will be more dependent on technology as the manpower to handle the increasing demand is less. This is where the mobile app developers will introduce artificial intelligence. The incorporation of AI will make it easier to handle patient care. It will increase the efficiency of answering queries, generating simple memos, taking care of the patients via personalized apps, etc.

In other words, the necessity of manpower will reduce to a considerable extent. The inclusion of AI in the system will not reduce the job opportunities. The critical cases will get more manpower to monitor and provide extreme care. The division of labour in a healthcare platform will become more efficient. Every single patient needing better care will be allotted with a higher number of medical professionals.


This is the latest fad in the technology world. The Blockchain is the newest breed of mobile app development that can be utilized by any industry for its extreme benefits. As it is easily understandable that the more users are generated the more data will be generated too. This high volume of data is quite overwhelming for any system to store, analyze and extract information. This is where the Blockchain technology will be used perfectly to make a remarkable innovation.

The Blockchain technology is a fortified cryptographic process where every participant in the network can interact without the pre-existence of trust. The absence of central authority or location will give the power to the industry to store information in any location in a distributive pattern. This technology can be used to stop cyber

crimes. The personal information of the innumerable users can be saved perfectly unharmed from the cyber attacks in the participants’ servers connected in a network.

AR Training for Healthcare Professionals

The latest Healthcare Apps 2019 will also bring augmented reality for the professionals to learn special practices easily. TheAR-based applications developed for respective professionals will give a great platform where learning surgeries, anatomy, and other important parts of the training will become a lot easier.

Healthcare Professionals

Previously, the entire medical training was based on donated dead bodies. Due to the lack of such resources, the hands-on training gets hampered. The introduction of AR training will add a new dimension to the medical training of the healthcare professionals.

Mobile Healthcare App for People

Last but not least, the Top Health Mobile App for People will also bring extreme convenience in the life of the patients and consumers. It will be easier for patients to use healthcare apps with a brilliant user interface. Finding a medication, ordering it, reading the user information, searching side effects and other necessary information will become very easy for the patients. These apps will also impart the utmost convenience in managing lifestyle diseases via notifications, alarms, awareness, etc. The apps will remind a patient to take medicine on time and also procure beforehand.

Top 5 App Development Trends to Benefit Healthcare

In A nutshell

This is How Benefit Health Care App for People. The upcoming trends will make healthcare redefined and better. Both the patients and the professionals will be extremely benefitted from the advancement in the operational platform adopted by the healthcare brands using the Healthcare Mobile Trends.

The latest Healthcare App Ideas originating from the leading mobile app development companies will prove to be very helpful in countries like India where the healthcare platform is insufficient to meet the growing demands of the population.


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