Is ArcSoft Simplicam HD The Right Security Solution For Your Home?

Home security has become one of the most important elements of owning a home. Just as you want to protect data on your phone, your vehicle or bicycle, you should want to protect your home.

I’m sure that you have many valuable assets in your possession. Do you want to safeguard these assets? If the answer is yes, then you need to get an ArcSoft Simplicam HD.

Security cameras generally provide many benefits to the user. And, these devices can be considered as the main and easiest way to add extra security.

Security Solution

So, what benefits do you stand to gain from a security camera?

  • Evidence – In case of an accident or criminal break-in, you can always call count on your security camera for undeniable evidence.
  • Intruder deterrence – once a person sees your security camera, they will be deterred from further engaging in any damaging or criminal activity.
  • Package protection – with the growth of E-commerce many packages get delivered daily and many also get stolen. With your security camera, you will be able to keep watch on your packages. In the event your packages go missing, the camera will also help to determine whether your packages were delivered or stolen (If used on the porch).
  • Nanny Cam – Simple cameras can be used as nanny cams to check up on elderly people, kids, pets or workmen.

Why is an ArcSoft Simplicam HD right for you?

Many cameras will provide the typically the same secure functions, however, only a few cameras are:

  • Easy to set up and,
  • Affordable

The Arcsoft Simplicam is one of the best on the market for home use. The camera has a glossy black finish with a silver stand. The stand features a unique pivot design that allows you to see different angles of the room.

Inside the package, you will find a long ribbon-like power cord, a black mount, and hardware for proper installation. The camera has several lights which will indicate whether it is powered on or off. You should have no problem navigating set up.

simplicam round camera

Also, If you are a person that likes to know what you are buying before you buy it then you should read a detailed Arcsoft Simplicam HD review. These reviews are great and will provide you with guidance on the specifics of the camera and set up.

Overall though, this camera is suited for you, if you are the average person who is looking for extra security. The great part is that you do not have to be a tech person to set up and use this camera.

After setting up, the camera can be controlled from a single mobile app. Once connected to WiFi, you will be able to monitor your camera feed from anywhere in the world. The camera will also allow you to turn it on and off from your app, no matter the location.

With this camera, you will also get the following features:

  • 720p resolution
  • A device that supports Android and iOS
  • Email and push alerts
  • Live streaming
  • Face recognition
  • Night vision
  • Cloud storage (optional)

This camera separates itself from the competition because its facial recognition is not only showing you that someone is present but can actually recognize the person. For this, it uses a beta facial recognition feature which is available to cloud storage subscribers.

So, if you are looking for an affordable camera that is quality made and easy to set up then ArcSoft Simplicam is the perfect fit for you.

Final Words

Home security should be a priority. By adding a security camera to your home improvement, you will not only protect your assets but also protect your family. To keep it simple, start with an easy to set up device such as the Arcsoft Simplicam HD.


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