The Best Software for Remote Teams

Remote work isn’t just seen as a luxury these days but as a necessity for many of us.

The COVID-19 pandemic that first swept the world in the first few months of 2020 still looms large today, and one of the most significant impacts has been the effect on the way we work.

Many countries have been in and out of government-enforced lockdowns, or at the very least told to restrict social contact, which means working in the office for many is out of the question. As such, more and more work is being taken home, and remote work will soon become the new norm for many of us.

With that in mind, teams need to find new ways to communicate effectively with each other, and that’s where the following software and apps come in.

Here are some of the best software options for remote teams in 2021:



Slack has become synonymous with communication among teams in recent years, so its status as one of the most popular tools should come as no surprise.

Through Slack, employees can instantly connect with their peers and take charge of various ongoing projects with an easy-to-use interface. The software has been designed with all kinds of bells and whistles that enhance the user experience, such as third-party app integration, which allows for activity tracking and much more.

It’s the complete package for many companies, as it replicates the office environment while cutting down on in-person distractions and facilitating easy communication between all colleagues, and enhancing the employer-employee relationship.



Asana is another top software option for remote teams that incentivizes teamwork and encourages employees to get through the tasks in front of them quickly and efficiently. The software even has a celebrations feature that congratulates workers for tasks done with animated animal pop-ups.

The task management software is all about dividing up jobs within an organization and distributing them among employees to streamline workflow. It’s possible to assign sub tasks to each main task, so workers can systematically work their way through a project from start to finish following the tasks displayed.



Workpuls is fast-growing, easy to use employee monitoring software.

The software has a wealth of tools for staying on top of time management, so employers can see exactly how productive their employees are even down to the exact hour and minute. Organizations can then use this extensive data to refine processes within the company to maximize productivity and boost the workforce’s output.

Gone are the days of losing precious work time to social media platforms; when you use Workpulse, your employees will stay focussed on the task at hand which should set you on track to meet your financial goals.



Monday is simplistic workflow management software that allows companies to track various tasks and how much progress employees are making on them.

It’s an affordable option that should have everything you need to start streamlining your company tasks and heading towards your goals. While it may lack sophistication in the form of subtasks and other extra features, the minimalist aesthetic of the software will appeal to many as it makes the complicated appear simple.

Monday also caters to different visual styles, with various board views, so you can set it up in the way that makes the most sense to you.



Anyone working remotely knows the struggle of being fully present in your work. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re at home with the family or out for dinner on a Friday night. 

However, there are tools that can help make remote work more productive and enjoyable. Chanty is one of those tools that help us maintain our sanity as well as keep up with our tasks while working remotely. 

Chanty offers an online chat solution for teams who want to communicate without the need for phone lines or meeting rooms (no matter where they are located). It’s a single solution for neatly organized tasks, team conversations, pinned messages and all the content you share as a team. You can even assign tasks to team members and view them all in a simple Kanban board layout.

It allows your team to be flexible and it’s also cost-effective which makes it a great solution for lowering overhead costs and a great way to increase productivity



Trello, like Monday, offers a simple solution to the at times complex problem of remote team communication and productivity.


By allowing you to create a series of boards, each of which you can set up according to your preferences.

Within each board you can set up individual lists, so you can move a task along the pipeline depending on its state of completion. 

It’s easy to use and you can personalize each board with background photos or different colors. It’s also satisfying to get to grips with, as you drag completed tasks from one list to another.

There’s a free version of Trello and a premium version, so you can give the software a try before you commit to a paid subscription model.



It would be remiss of us to omit Zoom from this list of the best software for remote teams since it has experienced a meteoric surge in popularity largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zoom has become such a phenomenon that hundreds of memes have sprung up and it’s a word that has become a verb and a part of everyday speech. 

Why is it such a useful tool, though?

Simply because it’s the best software for holding video conference calls, so during a time in which people couldn’t meet up in person, it became essential for internal communication between employers and employees.

The quality of the video is higher than most other options out there, and various other features make it the go-to tool for video calls and company meetings.

A Final Word

There are many excellent software options available for remote teams, most of which have enjoyed a surge of popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Software such as those mentioned above can streamline a company’s communication and boost productivity in the workforce, so it can contribute significantly to your bottom line and keep things running smoothly even in times of uncertainty.

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