The Best Billing and Invoicing App for 2024

Now in this three-minute resource, we are going to tell you about the best billing and invoice making apps in 2020.

If you search for the best invoice maker apps on the search engine, then there is always a chance that you are going to get hundreds of relative results, but when talking about billing and invoices, you should know that it is not a wise move to use any random software program at random.

You should know that it is very much important that you get hooked up with the most reliable tool on the web, and therefore we have prepared this content for you!

Billing and Invoicing

Best Apps for Invoice Making and Billing in 2020

You should know that using online bill or invoice maker apps is also important because of the ongoing pandemic situation. You should know that reducing physical touch and gathering is the best way to avoid the Covid-19 situation and also to reduce it.

You should also know that invoice making apps are also very important for small businesses and freelancers because manually making invoices can cost you a lot of expenses.


you should keep your accounts and books to yourself so that your income and expenses are only private to you.

Here are the best billing and invoicing software tools of 2020 that you can use for yourself!

Invoice Maker – Receipt & Billing App

This is the first and best Receipt Creator that you can use in 2020 to manage your business. This Invoice Making Android App is known not only as an invoice maker but also as the best estimate generator, bill maker, receipt creator and accounting assistant application. If you start using this online app, then you will not need any kind of person to manage your accounts and books. You can manage your accounts on your own without any skills and experience with this invoice maker application. You can also get online payments with this online application, and this is why people prefer using this resource. You can also set payment reminders and alerts so that you can collect payments on time and can close your accounts.

Fresh Books

This is the second online application that you should know about, and this is a very versatile resource that can help you not only in making invoices but also in calculating totals, estimates and generating bills for free. The fresh books are also known as the best tool that can assist you in managing your account books. With this online application, you can simply make an unlimited number of invoices for customers that are also customizable. 

You should know that with this online invoice maker app, you can easily set up automatic invoices that are recurring for specific clients. You can also add an automatic late fee to your clients and customers if they are behind their bills. You can receive alerts and notifications that can be received while you receive a payment or issue a bill automatically! You can also use invoices with this app to request deposits and receivables!

Square Invoices 

This is one of the most used applications by small businesses and freelancers in the pandemic situation. You should know that this application is a free one that can be downloaded from the respective app store on your device. You don’t have to opt for any monthly subscriptions with this online invoice maker which is an interesting feature of it, instead of the subscription fee the app charges a small percentage of commission on every invoice that you issue with it. This processing fee is bearable even for small businesses, and the best part is that you are not bound to make a monthly payment. You would only pay the invoice maker when you use it. This invoice maker also helps you in sending off free estimates or quotes to your clients which is a big plus about this tool that you should know about if you are related to a service providing business!

Quick Books

You must have heard about quick books which are another bookkeeping and invoice maker app that can help you in managing your business. You should know that people from all across the globe love this application because of its products and features that it offers for free or under affordable packages. You must know that this online invoice maker app is also known as the cheapest utility on the play store for this kind of dealings! You can make bills, invoices, receipts, and estimates with this application along with managing the registers of your business. You should know that this resource is used by not only small businesses but also by the multinational companies!

All of these invoice makers are best for all kinds of businesses in 2020!

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