How To Clean The Dust Out Of Your Computer Using A Leaf Blower

In the current era, the computer is a very important necessary device.

We always use the computer we need.

Due to regular use,

The computer and computer devices become dirty.

Today we see how the clean computer mother broad is Leaf Blower.

How To Clean

Cleaning your leaf blower machine outside can save you a lot of clean-up if you can ensure a stable and clean place. An open-out site in your room and a clean work table or chair would be an excellent cleaning environment. Carry out the cleaning in a bright open area, preferably outside under the sun. The better-hidden dust will be revealed. But be careful not to do the cleaning when the sky is dark during the day though.

Leaf Blower uses a computer in sight and out site clean of in one device mother broad. The something more device cleaning in a processor, Hard disk, fan, power supply DVD ROM Driver, CPU Fan, RAM, VGA Card, Sound Card, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Monitor.

Now go to how to clean leaf blower, the first time open computer caching if you need all of these devices open. You’re taken a leaf blower and connect the electricity to push the start switch. Then time Hold on to your device. Let’s see the clean your computer motherboard and another device. Wearing a dust mask can be used to save you a good deal of irritation and sneezing, especially if you have breathing, heart, or lung conditions.


Always hold the can of compressed air upright. It should be noted that no device connection is run out.

Although the process above is very safe, dusting can still lead to danger. Dusting can sometimes miss just the wrong particle to settle in just the wrong place.


The benefits of cleaning out your computer and mother broad far outweigh the risks. Not cleaning your computer can eventually lead to component failure.


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