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was given credit for coining the word ‘meme,’ and rightfully so. When Dawkins created the word, it meant how cultural data was spread from one person to another.

Since then, the term ‘meme’ has stuck, but now people are beginning to learn how to create a meme to get people to laugh and go viral.

If you’ve seen some of the most viral memes, such as Michael Jordan crying, you’ll understand that creating a meme is internet gold. Check out our guide below.

Research is Key

Before you learn how to create a meme, you need to research the memes that have already been created. You need to note the memes that are currently popular and the ones that have already gone viral because this will help spark inspiration for the meme you’re creating.

It’s also useful because no one likes a copycat, and if it’s been done once, chances are you’re not going to want to be the person that does it twice.

Find Something You Relate To

Before you create your meme and start filling out blank meme templates, you need to find something to relate to. For example, if you aren’t into fashion, you might want to steer clear of creating a fashion meme.

But, if you’re a whiz at all things science creating memes that tell a science internet joke is the way to go.

Trends Are Your Friend

One day it’s in. The next day it’s out. You’ve got to stay on top of the latest trends when you’re creating memes.

The reason for this is that people will be sharing tons of posts about a specific topic, and you want your meme to be one of them. The best way to stay updated on the latest trends is to check the explore pages and popular blogs about the latest news.

Materials Wanted

Once you’ve done all this, it’s time to decide what kind of meme you will make and gather your materials to create the meme. Decide if you’re going to go the traditional route and create a picture or if you’re going to go the extra mile and create a video.

When we say collect your materials, it means if you’re going to use a photo that’s already in circulation, you need to save it. Or continue surfing the internet for material to use.

Creation Time

Now that you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to put it together and add your caption. No one wants to read a meme that’s drawn on; therefore, it’s recommended that you keep it short and simple.

Create a funny meme that truly packs a punch.

Create a Meme 101

You’ve been looking for a guide that details how to create a meme, and we’ve created one right here for you. Don’t forget to do your research and then collect all the material you need to create your meme.

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