Hottest Design Trends Of 2024: Coloring Postcards, American Flag Vectors, amazing Fonts Plus Exclusive Web Hosting Deals

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And now, let’s see the newest trends that are hotter than ever this season:

How to Host a Website?

Types of Web Hosting

web hosting
More Details

Most likely, you already have created a website of yours. Even if you haven’t, knowing what offers are available on the market is necessary. You don’t need much to start a website.

A unique domain name, a web hosting provider, and a drag-and-drop website builder. Owing to the WYSIWYG solutions, putting up a site became as easy as ABC. To check whether the desired domain name is still available, you can use the IONOS domain check. The internet service provider has built a huge portfolio of services and offers web hosting through different plans in an optimized version

In the linked article, you will access an exclusive comparison chart of providers to find out the pros and cons of different hosting deals. Whether it’s colocation or cloud hosting, a webmaster can pick the viable option that suits every project. As for the price range, the choice is vast! A shared host could cost you some $2-$10/month, while a cloud hosting would require paying over $30/month!

In the comparison chart, you’ll access the information about the biggest internet hosting providers on the market:

  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • InMotion
  • HostGator
  • SiteGround

Hopefully, this post will come in handy next time you’re picking the web hosting provider for your upcoming project. Be sure to check out Easy Hosting Guide for additional information on deals on web hosting from other companies. And now to the exclusive hosting deals offered by MasterBundles.

InMotion Hosting

Promo Code 2019: Get 1 Year of FREE Hosting (Exclusive Offer) – FREE

InMotion Hosting

Free Shared Hosting from – FREE

Free Shared Hosting

PowerPoint Template

Duende Light PowerPoint Template

Are you looking for unique professionally designed presentation templates? This great high-tech PowerPoint template includes modern, polished layouts that’ll genuinely help your presentation about technology to stand out. Choose from between 100+ different slides. Plus, you can easily change the color, add or remove a shape, and even change the font to make this design match your needs.

You will have:

  • 107 Unique Slides
  • 3300+ editable vector icons
  • 40+ Cool device mockups
  • 50 editable vector maps

You’ll find that the image placeholders are ready for you to drag and drop your photos and graphics.

The template also includes some popular slide layouts such as device mockups and professional company profile slides.

10+ Coloring Postcard Designs

When was the last time you sent someone a paper postcard? Bet, you haven’t used regular posts in a while. With the popularity of Postcrossing, you have a chance to start sending paper mail again. In 2019, coloring postcards are enjoying their popularity to the fullest. Convoluted designs combined with motivational quotes are dominating postcard design.

If you’re jumping on the bandwagon, MasterBundles has a thing or two to offer. As we said before, sending postcards by post is now in fashion. Believe it or not, on the MasterBundles website, you can not only order a postcard but also send it to three chosen addressees by post. If you’re not a fan, there’s an option of sending digital postcards by email once your purchase is finalized.

Mind you, all postcards are available in PSD and TIFF file formats and are 100% print-ready.

Be You. Do You. For You. Coloring Postcard – $3

Coloring Postcard

Be you. Do you. For you” is a celebration of uniqueness and self-love.

Your friends and family members will surely love the message.

Coloring Postcard Mandala Design – $3


Your Only Limit Is Your Mind” is a great motivational message.

This postcard will inspire people to set goals, not limits.

Motivational Coloring Postcard – $3


Make no mistake, “If You Know You Can Do Better Then Do Better” is not a hymn of perfectionism.

This item will become a perfect present for a co-worker or a business partner.

Mandala Coloring PostCard – $3


No matter how many times you failed, “You Only Fail When You Stop Trying” postcard will motivate you to continue.

You Can! Motivational Mandala Coloring Postcard – $3


You Can” is just two words, but what a message! This postcard with an intricate mandala design is a great gift to people who lack motivation.

Vactor Design

12 American Flag Vector Products For Your Design Project 2019

National holidays in the US are celebrated with bright and colorful designs. Whether it’s July 4th, Memorial Day or Veteran Day, the Star-Spangled Banner is a necessary attribute of the patriotic festivities.

American flag clipart is precisely what a designer needs in the run-up to the holidays.

Still, a top-notch patriotic USA flag vector clipart isn’t easy to find online. If you’ve ever committed yourself to search the web for this graphics element, you should know this for sure.

Luckily, in the linked post, you’ll access both free and premium American flag mockups that suit your project.

Photorealistic Flag MockUp – $6


Are you looking for the Photorealistic Flag MockUp bundle?

This item includes the following:

  • Multiple flag angles in 10 PSD files
  • 1 Animated mockup
  • 9 background textures, etc.

Patriotic America Clip Art – $6

America Sunglass

Need an exclusive set of patriotic American flag clipart? In this bundle, you will find plenty of hand-drawn watercolour flag clipart for Federal Holiday designs.

Gentle Love – Card Creator Illustration

Stay connected to the people whom you do not often see with love greeting cards that will help keep the bond between you and them. This love card creator illustration may seem a little thing, but when used correctly, these can do magical things.

If you wish to craft a greeting card for someone special soon, you can pick this card creator illustration in PSD. With this mockup, you can craft a stunning and adorable greeting card in no time. You have to use the smart object layer so you can upload your card designs easily.

Moreover, you can change the color of the envelope to match with your card designs. Also, you may rearrange or remove an item in this scene to meet your preferences.

WaterColor Creator Graphic illustration

Make your greeting cards unique and extraordinary with this WaterColor Creator Graphics Illustration in PSD. As you craft your greeting card, you have the chance to make it perfect as you opt for mockups. Well, with this illustration, you can pick the best designs you can include in the project and see which colors blend and which elements you might want to remove.

As this mockup comes with a smart object layer, it’s a lot easier for you to replace the existing designs to your own. With this mockup, you can genuinely impress clients or even delight the recipients as flaws have been removed.

Butterfly Clipart 2019: What and Where to Search for?

Two-dimensional designs are in fashion this autumn. Alongside unicorn clipart, the butterfly clipart enjoys its popularity among designers. Unlike unicorns, butterflies are real. Besides, in many religions, they symbolize the human soul. Christianity interprets butterflies as a symbol of resurrection.

Whether you’re looking for photo overlays, or unusual graphics elements to employ in backgrounds and textures, butterfly clipart is just the thing. Luckily, MasterBundles can supply you with eye-catching bundles for any need and occasion

80 Watercolor Butterfly Set – $14

Set of Butterfly

This 80 beautiful watercolor butterflies bundle was created for textile and wallpaper design, scrapbooking, and DIY. So, if you need great prints, this is your number one choice.

86 Butterflies Photo Overlays – $8


Is there a way to make your photos look unique? Absolutely! With these 86 Photo Overlays with a transparent background, every image will become a piece of art!


White Angelica Signature Font

Angelica is a thin brushed script font. It’s very well executed and study. This signature font has a friendly feel to it.

Angelica’s sophisticated, round shape works great against busy backgrounds making it an ideal watermark and logo font. It’s beautiful and precise and would be a perfect logo font for fine-art, high-class photographers.

If you are looking for a font with a natural feel to it, this one is for you. It contains a full set of lower and uppercase letters, multilingual support, and many lovely ligatures.

Amazing Font: Guide on How to Choose a Font

Have you heard of the ‘amazing fonts’ concept? In case you haven’t, MasterBundles has you covered. This article is the 5th part of a detailed typography guide covering the crucial topics a font designer should know. If you wish to learn more about typefaces and font design, take your time to check the previous parts of the tutorial. You will discover lots of insights and nuggets of wisdom from real experts. The linked post sheds light on the following topics:

  • Fonts types
  • Long text and short text fonts
  • Making fonts amazing
  • Choosing font colors
  • Trustworthy sources to download the fonts

Without any further delay, check out fantastic font bundles of 2019

Charming Typography: 10 Hand Drawn Font Scripts – just $12

Charming Typography

Amazing Handwritten Fonts Bundle – just $9

Handwritten Fonts Bundle

14 Fantastic Fonts – Only $5

Fantastic Fonts

29 Fonts for Commercial Use. Make Your Text Amazing! – Only $10

29 Fonts

Free Script Font: Think Music – $0


Typography Bundle: Lev Distressed Font – $0

Lev Distressed Font

Porcelain Sans serif Font

Porcelain Sans Serif Font is a modern and straight forward looking font that is perfect for wide-range applications. It consists of other font weights, tons of glyphs, ligatures.

Porcelain Sans Serif Font with a classic feel includes uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numerics and punctuation marks. An informal style of this handwriting font is optimized for web usage. It looks casual, like everyday handwriting made with a thin felt-tip pen or a ballpoint pen. This font offers a variety of possible use cases, including logos, T-shirt designs, letterhead, and signage.

It’s ideal for invitations or anywhere where you want to recreate the handmade look.

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