Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 | Hindi Ginti १ – १॰॰

Learning a new language is like entering a captivating world of culture and expression. It’s more than just words and grammar; it’s about understanding the threads that make it unique. One thread is numbers. In learning Hindi, grasping its numbers is as essential as phrases and idioms.

So, let’s explore “Hindi Numbers 1 to 100” together on this journey.

Understanding the Number System in Hindi

Before diving into the number names, let’s explore the basics of the Hindi number system. Hindi employs the decimal system, meaning that each digit’s value depends on its position within a number. The concept of place value is essential to grasp, as it determines the numerical value of an integer. You can form any number in Hindi by combining digits and their respective place values.

Listen Hindi Numbers 1 to 100

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Hindi Numbers 1 to 100

We begin our journey by learning the number names from 1 to 10 in Hindi. Here are the number names along with Hindi numbers in English pronunciation.

Hindi Numbers 1 to 10

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
दो Do2Two
तीन Teen3Three
चार Chaar4Four
पाञ्च Panch5Five
छे Chah6Six
सात Saat7Seven
आठ Aath8Eight
नौ Nau9Nine
१॰दस Das10Ten

Hindi Numbers 11 to 20

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
११ग्यारह Gyarah11Eleven
१२बारह Barah12Twelve
१३तेरह Terah13Thirteen
१४चौदह Chaudah14Fourteen
१५पन्द्रह Pandrah15Fifteen
१६सोलह Solah16Sixteen
१७सत्रह Sattrah17Seventeen
१९उन्नीस Unnis19Nineteen
२॰बीस Bees20Twenty

Hindi Numbers 21 to 30

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
२१इक्कीस Ikkees21Twenty one
२२बाईस Baees22Twenty two
२३तेईस Teis23Twenty three
२४चौबीस Chaubees24Twenty four
२५पच्चीस Pachchees25Twenty five
२६छब्बीस Chhabbees26Twenty six
२७सत्तइस Sattaees27Twenty seven
२८अठ्ठाइस Aththaees28Twenty eight
२९उन्तीस Unantees29Twenty nine
३॰तीस Tees30Thirty

Hindi Numbers 31 to 40

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
३१इकतीस Ekatees31Thirty one
३२बत्तीस Battees32Thirty two
३३तेतीस Tetees33Thirty three
३४चौतीस Chutees34Thirty four
३५पैंतीसPaitees35Thirty five
३६छत्तीस Chhatees36Thirty six
३७सैंतीस Santees37Thirty seven
३८अड़तीस Adtees38Thirty eight
३९उन्तालीस Untalees39Thirty nine
४॰चालीस Chalees40Forty

Hindi Numbers 41 to 50

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
४१इकतालीस Istalees41Forty one
४२ब्यालीस Bayalees42Forty two
४३तेतालीस Tetalees43Forty three
४४चौवालीस Chauvalees44Forty four
४५पैंतालीस Paitalees45Forty five
४६छियालीस Chhiyalees46Forty six
४७सैतालीस Saitalees47Forty seven
४८अड़तालीस Adtalees48Forty eight
४९उनंचास Unchaas49Forty nine
५॰पचास Pachas50Fifty

Hindi Numbers 51 to 60

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
५१इक्यावन Ikyawan51Fifty one
५२बावन Bawan52Fifty two
५३तिरेपन Tirepan53Fifty three
५४चौअन Chauwan54Fifty four
५५पचपन Pachapan55Fifty five
५६छप्पन Chhappan56Fifty six
५७सत्तावन Sattavan57Fifty seven
५८अठ्ठावन Aththavan58Fifty eight
५९उनसठ Unsath59Fifty nine
६॰साठ Saath60Sixty

Hindi Numbers 61 to 70

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
६१इकसठ Eksath61Sixty one
६२बासठ Basath62Sixty two
६३तिरसठ Tirsath63Sixty three
६४चौंसठ Chausath64Sixty four
६५पैंसठ Paisanth65Sixty five
६६छियासठChhiyasath66Sixty six
६७सरसठ Sarsath67Sixty seven
६८अरसठ Arasath68Sixty eight
६९उनहत्तर Unahttar69Sixty nine
७॰सत्तर Sattar70Seventy

Hindi Numbers 71 to 80

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
७१इकहत्तर Ekahttar71Seventy one
७२बहत्तर Bahattar72Seventy two
७३तिहत्तर Tihattar73Seventy three
७४चौहत्तर Chauhattar74Seventy four
७५पिचत्तर Pichhattar75Seventy five
७६छिहत्तर Chhihttar76Seventy six
७७सतत्तर Satattar77Seventy seven
७८अठत्तर Athattar78Seventy eight
७९उनासी Unasee79Seventy nine
८॰अस्सी Assee80Eighty

Hindi Numbers 81 to 90

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
८१इक्यासी Ikyasee81Eighty one
८२ब्यासी Byasee82Eighty two
८३तिरासी Tirasee83Eighty three
८४चौरासी Chaurasee84Eighty four
८५पिचासी Pichasee85Eighty five
८६छियासी Chhiyasee86Eighty six
८७सतासी Satasee87Eighty seven
८८अठासी Athasee88Eighty eight
८९नवासी Navasee89Eighty nine
९॰नब्बे Nabbe80Ninety

Hindi Numbers 91 to 100

Hindi NumbersEnglish Numbers
NumberIn WordsIn English PronunciationNumberIn Words
९१इक्यानवे Ikyanve91Ninety one
९२बानवे Banve92Ninety two
९३तिरानवे Tiranve93Ninety three
९४चौरानवे Chauranave94Ninety four
९५पिञ्चानवे Pichchanve95Ninety five
९६छियानवे Chhiyanve96Ninety six
९७सत्तानवे Sattanve97Ninety seven
९८अठ्ठानवे Aththanve98Ninety eight
९९निन्यानवे Ninyanve99Ninety nine
१॰॰सौ Sau100Hundred

Common Phrases and Expressions Using Hindi Numbers

Hindi Numbers are often used in various phrases and expressions. Here are a few examples that can come in handy during conversations:

  • मेरे पास बत्तीस रुपये हैं। (Mere paas battis rupaye hain.) – I have thirty-two rupees.
  • उसके घर में सौ पेड़ हैं। (Uske ghar mein sau ped hain.) – There are a hundred trees in his/her house.
  • मुझे दो वस्त्र चाहिए। (Mujhe do vastra chahiye.) – I need two garments.
  • उसे पांच मिनट में वापस आना चाहिए। (Use paanch minute mein vaapas aana chahiye.) – He/she should come back in five minutes.
  • हम छः लोग रेस्टोरेंट में खाना खा रहे हैं। (Hum chhah log restaurant mein khana kha rahe hain.) – We six people are having food in the restaurant.

Tips for Memorizing Hindi Numbers

Memorizing Hindi numbers can sometimes be challenging. To help you remember the number names in Hindi, consider the following tips:

  1. Create mnemonic devices: Associate each number with a memorable image or word to aid recall.
  2. Practice regularly: Reinforce your learning by periodically practicing the number names through flashcards, quizzes, or conversations.
  3. Use numbers in context: Incorporate numbers into your daily life by counting objects, expressing quantities, or playing number-based games.
  4. Break numbers into smaller parts: Divide complex numbers into smaller, more manageable sections to make them easier to remember.

Importance of Hindi Numbers 1 – 100 in Daily Life

Understanding Hindi numbers 1 – 100 is crucial in various aspects of daily life. Whether you’re traveling to Hindi-speaking regions, shopping, or interacting with locals, knowledge of Hindi counting will enhance your overall experience. It allows you to express quantities, understand prices, tell time, and engage in conversations involving numbers.

By familiarizing yourself with Hindi numbers, you open doors to effective communication and cultural integration. Embrace the opportunity to learn and practice these essential linguistic skills.


How do you say “fifty” in Hindi?

“Fifty” in Hindi is “पचास” (pachaas).

What is the Hindi word for “one hundred”?

The Hindi word for “one hundred” is “सौ” (sau).

How do you count from 1 to 10 in Hindi?

In Hindi, you count from 1 to 10 as follows: एक, दो, तीन, चार, पांच, छह, सात, आठ, नौ, दस.

What are some common phrases using Hindi numbers?

Common phrases include “दो वस्त्र चाहिए” (I need two garments) and “पांच मिनट में वापस आना चाहिए” (He/she should come back in five minutes).

Why is it important to learn Hindi numbers?

Learning Hindi numbers is essential for effective communication, understanding prices, telling time, and engaging in conversations involving quantities and numerical information.


Congratulations on your journey through Hindi numbers!

We covered the Hindi numbers 1 to 100, providing pronunciation guidance, usage examples, and practical tips for memorization. Remember to practice regularly and incorporate numbers into your daily life to reinforce your learning.


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