How Outreaching Backlinks Can Help Accelerate your Business

With the competition for recognition in the digital marketing space, no stone should be left unturned when it comes to getting to the first page of Google. One of the effective ways to improve your search engine rankings is by investing in quality outreaching backlinks. 

Website Backlinks

In this method, you partner with other digital brands such as websites and blogs to get links from their content back to your websites. And as you imagined, you will have to be critical about the sources you get your backlinks from. Want to find out more about outreach backlinks for your website and get quality results from your SEO campaigns? You can find out more in the following sections. 

What are Outreaching Backlinks?

This is a link-building tactic employed to improve a website or blog’s SEO rankings. When done correctly, you will likely get improvement from your content on search engines. Want to get to the first page of Google and get your products and services in front of potential clients? 

This is one tactic you wish to adopt. This way, you will be taking advantage of organic search from potential customers looking to engage with your product, brand, and services. 

Understanding Backlinking

Back in the days before the emergence of Google as the authority on web searches, it was just Yahoo, Alta Vista, and the rest shedding light on search engine contents. And they based their ranking based on the quality of content on the webpage. Enter Google, and the criteria changed with the abundance of websites and blogs in the online space. 

Presently, search engines like Google use bots and microcomputers to analyze the quality of a website to determine its ranking position. These bots look at intrinsic factors, including the quality of content on the page and the number of other web pages linking to that content. Ideally, the number of links pointing to a webpage will increase its position on search engines. 

But it is not enough to have 1000 or a million links to your page, the quality of the link matters. This means that you want to invest in getting quality redirections to your content from trusted and well-established web pages. You may wish to engage the services of a SaaS link building services agency if you are not well-versed with the best SEO practices. You can check here for more on how to go about SEO the right way. 


Quality Outreaching Backlinks

Since we have established that the quality of the links matters more than the quantity, you may be wondering what we mean by a quality backlink. When we talk of quality as it relates to website backlinks, certain things will need to be considered. And this includes 

Authority of the Domain 

Domain authority DA is used to determine the authority of the site your backlinks are coming from. You will agree that getting one from an authority site like Entrepreneur or Healthline will likely have more impact than when you work with a site without much authority. Tools like Ahrefs allow you to check a site’s domain rating by simply entering the URL into the search space on the tool. This provides you a comprehensive insight into the quality of the website you intend to get backlinks from. 

How Relevant is the Site?

Another thing that search engine bots look at is how relevant the site you connect from is and not just the PageRank. This means that you want to get connections from businesses and websites in the same niche as yours. So if your content is centered around pets and their owners, you want to stick to websites that talk about pets, pet products, and the likes. Linking to a blog on fashion or skincare won’t have any effect on your pet brand. 

Position on the Page 

Search bots also look at the position of the page where the link is placed. To get the best results, you want to keep the link embedded in the body of the content. This should be in between text on any of the paragraph sections. You want to avoid keeping them in the footer or sidebar sections of a page as they will not have the desired effect you need. 

Anchor Text 

This is the text that is highlighted to tell search engines the domain you are pointing to. This helps to make it easy for search bots to analyze the nature of the page you are linking to in relation to the contents on your page. Ideally, you want it to be relevant to what you are sharing, so you will have to ensure that it reads correctly. 

Another good practice is to ensure that the contents around the anchor text are relevant to the topic being discussed. If your topic is how to care for your car, you want the anchor text to read “car wash products.” 

It won’t hurt to have words like cleaning your vehicles, wipers, brush tires, water hose, and similar text related to car care and car wash products. This will tell search engine bots that the information on there is highly relevant to the topic. And if the link happens to be from an authority site, you likely will get more traction for your efforts. 

You want to consider many other things when looking to get the best out of your backlinking efforts. You can check here for more ways to get the best results from your SEO campaigns. 

Why Consider Outreaching Backlinks for your Business

Ordinarily, your website will be hidden in the pile of thousands of others competing for the prime spot on search engines. And if you are serious about your business growth online, you want to aim to be on the first page of Google. 

This will undoubtedly improve your web rankings and monthly visitors and generate more interactions with your brand. This could be in the form of more subscriptions, downloads, and sales to your products and services. You can find more here on the benefits of SEO for small businesses. 

However, you want to invest in a strong content marketing strategy as it is not enough to have quality backlinks if the contents on your website are not correctly written and formatted for the web. So it may be a good idea to check with a digital marketing agency that offers the complete package if you are looking to outsource your content development and SEO needs. 

Final Note

Getting to the top of SERPs would only mean one thing to the eyes of search engines and the general public that you are an authority in your niche. You will have to keep tabs on the competition, so you don’t lose your spot. This means that you will have to come up with new campaigns occasionally and follow up with the latest release from Google about website rankings. 


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