How To Approach Pinterest Advertising?

When it comes to online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, you could say that they’re pretty similar to each other. Instagram added stories, and Facebook was quick to follow. TikTok’s last less than a minute, and in a short while, Instagram added the Reels option.

Soon after that, YouTube added the Shorts section. All of these platforms are doing something similar. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a completely different story. It’s a platform that’s designed to help you discover new things, and almost all of the searches there are unbranded. Click here to read more.

This is what makes it completely different from the ones we mentioned initially. We’ll go through all of the differences when it comes to advertising too. Plus, there are some suggestions that could help you to get maximum exposure. 

Why Advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest Home Page

This website has the most loyal fanbase out of every other competitor. Kids and teens spend most of their time on TikTok and Instagram. Of course, there are new trends that come out every day, and most of the users try them.

This is true for about 70 percent of the users of social media sites. However, 98 percent of Pinterest users have tried something that they’ve seen on the site. This includes new things, as well as ideas that they thought were cute or innovative. Follow this link for more info

This is the best platform when it comes to raising awareness, and it’s the easiest way to make a profit. Statistics show that for every dollar spent on advertising on this platform, you get two dollars back. This is an outstanding opportunity for growth and profit.

The only downside here is that ads are limited to a couple of countries. This includes the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Canada, and Australia. Of course, the list of countries is going to expand soon. 

The Different Types of Ads

If you’re a digital marketer, you’re probably familiar with all of the settings on social media. You can select your audience based on age, gender, preferences, which helps you create the perfect buyer persona. As long as you have the ideal buyer persona, the advertising process becomes easy.

Again, here’s where Pinterest differs from everything else. There are ad structures that are determined by the type of campaign you have. You need to pick a different ad format if you want it to succeed with the type of person you’re targeting. Let’s take promoted pins, for example.

They appear in the home feed and in search results. However, you’re enhancing the viewers by showing it to more people. You can visit this company to find out more. Even though it’s a sponsored post, and people can see that it’s being promoted, they can still interact with it and add it to their boards.

It works just like a normal picture. Now, here’s where things get interesting. As soon as someone shares it, the “promoted” tagline disappears. From there on, even though it’s an advertisement, it’s treated as free publicity. When someone clicks or taps on that pin, they will get directed to your website. It’s an amazing way to win new clients since it’s completely organic.

The mechanic is simple, and it works with one tap or one click. That happened all the way back in 2019, and it’s been working fantastically. Next, there are carousels that allow you to post multiple images in one post. This is similar to the way Collections work on Instagram.

You can notice the difference between a normal pin and a Carousel by looking to see whether there are dots below the images. Every single image you add can lead to a different website or landing page. This is amazing if you have multiple products that you want to sell.

This method appeals more to different Pinners since they can interact with the image they love most. Brands that have used this type of marketing have seen an increase in their click-through rates as high as 30 percent. Finally, you can also use videos to present a service or a product.

That’s the best way to advertise since it takes no effort to watch a video from a user’s perspective. It’s also the easiest way to motivate people for a call to action. 


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