How To Choose A Strong Password?

A strong password is a primary protection against online hackers. Anyone can protect their account or data by creating a strong password for online purposes. But not many people can create a strong password. They create a simple password so they can remember it. Because without remembering the old password, resetting the password is a complicated process.

However, if your password is not strong, you could be in trouble, and your credit card information and all your data could be stolen. You should create the strongest password for security reasons. By following certain strategies, you can easily create a strong password. 

Are you here to learn how to create a strong password? Then you are in the right place. You’ll get tips and strategies that can help you create a strong password. If you follow all the steps correctly, you can easily create the most secure password. You will also know how to remember the password.

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Some Tips When Creating A Password

You can use a combination of alphanumeric characters in the password. The combination of uppercase and lowercase letters can be provided in the password. This will make the password more secure. If you use symbols, the password will be strong enough. A misspelled phrase or phrase can also be used in the password.

But you must be careful in choosing combinations of letters and numbers that are difficult to guess from your general data. For example, you should not use your date of birth, hometown, house number, etc.  These can be found on your Facebook account.  The hacker will easily guess all this information. Therefore, it should make the password impossible to guess.

You can choose a password of at least 16 characters, which is the best practice. The longer the password, the better and more secure it is.

So if you create a password with a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters with uppercase and lowercase, which is more absurd and longer, you will get the most secure password.

Password Security

 The hacker will have limited testing capabilities if you use words from a dictionary or a purely numeric password without any special characters. For example, using “123456” or “password” is the most straightforward password.  Because millions of other people also use these obvious combinations.

Just think of a four-digit code; if you only use numbers, you get 10,000 possible combinations and increase to 100,000 by adding one more digit. Therefore, the most secure password can be generated by adding letters, special characters, numbers, etc.  Up to 16 characters and more.

You can also use a password strength checker to check the strength of your password.  There are many password strength checkers, and Passwarden by Keepsolid is the best.  You can check here how strong the newly created password is.

Passwarden is secure because it does not provide any information you have added to others. It is the simplest and gives you the perfect result by evaluating a few key factors, such as the number of characters, combinations, and password uniqueness.

You can add 2-Step Verification to as many accounts as possible, and it will give your password an extra layer of protection. It’s like needing a ticket and password to get into your secret club, and most online accounts from Google to Facebook support it.

Another big password mistake is using the same password on multiple accounts. So the hacker can hack the password easily.

How Do You Remember The Password

You may have trouble remembering the password because you have different passwords for different accounts. But we recommend that you do not write the password anywhere. It is not safe for you. There are safe ways to remember your password.

Your browser has some basic password management options. Therefore, your mind will not be burdened with remembering the password. You can also update your password manager for more security.


Choosing strong passwords and managing them well is very important for your online needs. We hope you now have an idea of ​​how to create a strong password. If you follow the criteria provided correctly, your password will be strong and secure enough.


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