Pop-up Blocker In Chrome And Guide On How To Disable

Whenever we use the internet, we see pop-ads. Pop-up blocker in Chrome helps avoid such irritating advertisements. The chrome browser has the built-in ability to block all pop-up ads. It helps to surf any website without any interruption. But, sometimes the enabled ad blocker may not allow you to enter some sites. For this, we need to learn how to disable it.

How to Disable P-up Blocker in Chrome?

Pop-up blocker in Chrome

There are three methods to disable pop-up blocker in Chrome. Here, I will be discussing how to change the settings in a computer, Android, and IOS. Read below for descriptive information.

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Method 1: Computer

First, turn on your computer or laptop. Then, go to Chrome browser. On the top-right side of the screen, you will find a “menu” button. Look for three horizontal bars if you cannot find it. Click on it to open. The option will expand to give you a list of items. From there, find the “settings” option and tap on it. As you click on it, the settings of Chrome will open in a new browser tab.

Now, look for “advanced” option and click on it. You may have to scroll down a little. Under the “privacy and security” options, you will find “content settings”. As you tap it, it takes you to a new list of options. You should then look up for the “pop-ups” option.

Clicking on it will relocate you to a new list of options. The first one show “blocked”. It means that the pop-up in Chrome browser is on. Tap it to disable, and it will become “allowed”. It means you are allowing the browser to show pop-ups. There are two other options. The first one is “block”, here you can add the websites you want to block ads. The second one is “allow”. Here, you may only include the websites that you do not want to block ads.

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Method 2: Android

In any Android device, go to the Chrome browser. Open the “menu”, which is three vertical dots. Then, go to the “settings” option and tap it. From there, click on “site settings” under “advanced” subtitle. Then look up for pop-ups, click it. It takes you to a place with a single option. Tap it, and it will show “allowed”. It means you now disabled the pop-up blocker.

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Method 3: iOS

People who use Apple devices will need this. At first, open your Chrome browser and press the “menu” button. It looks like three horizontal bars. From there, go to the “settings” under which you will find “content settings”. Click on it, and on the top, you will see “block pop-up- On”. Tap it to turn off the ad blocker. Now, you have disabled it on an IOS device.

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Final Words

In conclusion, I would say, pop-up blocker in Chrome plays a great role to avoid annoying ads. At times, there might be pop-up ads even when the blocker on. You must check whether there is any Malware in your device or not. Some sites may not allow you to enter without disabling the blocker. So, it is important to know how to do it.


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