Richard Liu’s Donates COVID-19 Relief Materials

Richard Liu’s company,, has been utilizing its supply chain infrastructure strengths and technology benefits to meet its social responsibility by assisting in preventing and managing COVID-19 outbreaks in various parts of China over the past two years.

The company has announced an RMB 100 million Yuan donation in anti-epidemic equipment to Hong Kong medical personnel. The Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link, a lead volunteer organization in Hong Kong, will organize the donations.

The company added that it would constantly contact the non-profit group and offer assistance as needed in the war against the pandemic’s recurrence in Hong Kong.

Who is Richard Liu?

Liu Qiangdong is an Internet entrepreneur from China and is the CEO and Founder of JD-com, an online retailer.

Richard Liu was the son of peasant farmers, born in China, 700 kilometers south of Beijing, in the arid coal area. His parents worked in the coal industry, importing coal from China and transporting it to the United States.

Liu grew up poor and is now one of the world’s wealthiest men. Qiangdong mentioned in interviews he had done before that his life was formerly completely different. From his family affording meat only once or twice a year, he can now afford to eat the greatest ingredients and delicacies anytime he wants. Wealth, youth, and an aggressive demeanor have made Liu a Chinese Internet celebrity.

How was The Company Started?

Liu began selling computer parts from his own retail store in Beijing in 1998 after an instructional failed business in the restaurant industry and a period selling health products.

The SARS pandemic struck the firm after growing to a certain size. The SARS epidemic struck China in early 2003, and in the ensuing fear, the streets of Beijing were quickly deserted as people sought refuge in their houses to avoid contracting the illness.

In 2004, Qiangdong, like many other firms at the time, closed all of his storefronts and converted his business to an online-only operation. He relaunched his company online as with the help of a few of his employees.

He realized that as an e-commerce company, his company had significantly more potential than one with physical storefronts and the related overheads.

How Big is the Company?

According to a corporate presentation, the company had over 530 million active consumers as of June 2021 and declared revenue of 745.8 billion Yuan, equivalent to $108.2 billion in 2020. The company is China’s largest e-commerce business in terms of revenue, with its main competitors being the likes of Ali Baba.

What is Richard Liu’s Net Worth?

Lin has become a multi-billionaire as a result of his success as an Internet entrepreneur. According to Forbes, he has a net worth of $19.3 billion. However, because the data fluctuate for each trading day, his net worth can swing by millions each day.

Forbes ranked the Internet entrepreneur as China’s 17th richest person in 2020, and he will be the world’s 77th wealthiest billionaire in 2021. Liu’s net worth is expected to rise as his firm expands.

Family Life

Liu is wedded to Zhang Zetian, often known as ‘Sister Milk Tea,’ an Internet star. The couple started dating in 2014 and got married a year later. Their wedding was held in October 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

Liu Qiangdong is the father of two children. In 2006, he gave birth to his first child, a son. It’s unclear whether Qiangdong was married to his child’s mother. His second kid, born in 2016, is a daughter from his marriage to Zhang Zetian.


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