Basic PC Configuration With Guideline


Building a basic PC may seem hard for a newbie.

It is because of the lack of knowledge of computer components.

Basic PC configuration lies on the perfect combination of CPU components and your budget.

And it is a hard task to do. But no worries. Our computer building specialists are here to fix your problem. We research for a long time on PC components to make a guideline on basic PC configuration with useful tips. Hope you will like it.

Basic PC Configuration and Guideline

There are no hard and first requirements to build a basic or budget desktop PC. Anyone can work in the available PC configuration in the market; not all PC task. Most of the high-quality software or games need high-quality CPU management. But in this content, we will talk about basic PC making that can do most of the tasks. Let’s check the basic requirements of PC.

Processor and Motherboard

Processor and motherboard are two essential things to consider to build a budget desktop. High-quality processor needs for high-quality tasks with a supported motherboard, very simple. You can do all the simple basic task in dual-core processor though it is not recommended. You may face problem in the task like photo editing, medium quality game playing, basic software development etc. So, our recommendation is to take minimum core i3 processor with the suitable motherboard.



Ram plays an important role in PC arrangement. And the performance of your computer mostly depends on the power and volume of ram. Now, most the recent software needs a good amount of ram. If you have not recommended amount of ram in your PC, you will never run the simulation or development type of software.

There are basically two slots available in the motherboard to insert ram. It is recommended to use minimum 4 GB DDR3 or DDR4 ram in a basic PC setup.

Random Access Memory - Ram

Hard disk

A hard disk is another essential requirement. Often we judge the amount of storage of the hard drive, not speed. But hard disk speed has an effect in PC performance. We can run almost every software or game with the basic hard drive.

For better performance and high-end game-playing SSD card is a must. But the price of the SSD card is too much. So our suggestion is to install the operating system, software, and game in a low capacity SSD card while saving the other data in the hard drive.

Hard Disk - The mass storage device

Graphics Card

Here comes my favorite one; Graphics card. Mostly there is inbuilt graphics available in standard computer setup which is enough for basic desktop setup. But this is not enough for the high-resolution game playing such us Pubg, Elite Dangerous etc. and editing related work also. A decent graphics card is a must to run those.

Graphics Card

Power supply

The next one is the power supply. It is a matter of sadness that most of us neglect it and use the normal and duplicate power supply. It is actually a silent killer for your CPU and ruins the desktop performance. So try to take a decent power supply.

PC - power supply


Here comes an important component- Desktop Monitor. Any decent monitor is enough. But try to take branded monitor instead of Chinese monitor. Those are bullshit and do not last long.



Others important PC requirements are the PC casing, mouse, keyboard, Soundbox etc. The casing is the most important one here. But an average casing is OK for budget computer building. To play the high-resolution games, gaming casing is a must. Most of the high setup PC requires more space and there you have to take good casing.

Normal mouse and keyboard are enough. But if you have the budget, go for quality mouse and keyboard.

Soundbox is a must component as a desktop has no inbuilt sound setup. A medium quality sound system is enough.

A game-pad is another component and mostly gamer prefers to play games with that. For general work, there is no need for this.

The cooling system is another thing to consider. The good cooling system ensures your desktop setup long life.

Infographic: Choosing Parts for Building a PC

Infographic of Computer Hardware

Final Verdict

We hope we represent the guideline on basic PC configuration well. Now it is your turn to buy a complete PC setup and let us know your experience. You can ask anything regarding computer and tech news to us. Our Technologish team will help you for sure.


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