How to Protect Your MacBook

Despite the fact that MacBooks are known for their reliability, one should still not underestimate potential threats that may do harm to both you and your computer.

If you wish to protect personal information and maintain the MacBook in an optimal condition, expect to put some effort in to have that. Here are some neat ideas that will help you create a strategy to protect the MacBook.

Have a Proper Password Policy

Let’s start with a basic tip – passwords. First of all, disable the auto-login feature and make sure to create a password that is necessary to access the MacBook’s contents. If anyone gets their hands on the computer, they will have a hard time getting to its files because of a password.

You could also add password to zip file mac has or another separate file to protect it even further. Some would say that creating passwords for separate files is a bit too much, but there is no shame in protecting yourself.

Besides using passwords, it is also recommended to create different combinations instead of using the same password on every occasion. 

Install Reliable Antivirus

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One could consider XProtect a built-in anti-malware tool for macOS. However, it is not the most reliable antivirus software. In fact, you can find reports from multiple MacBook owners who claim how XProtect does more harm than good, and it fails to locate and eliminate certain threats.

To protect the system, install recognized and reliable antivirus software and have it run in the background. With the software’s help, the laptop should be secure and avoid potential cybersecurity threats.

Use Ad Blocker Extensions on Internet Browser

Adding an ad blocker extension to your internet browser is a good piece of advice not just because of security. No ads while surfing the net improve the overall experience.

As far as security goes, it is no secret that some websites have an aggressive ad policy, and you may click on an ad accidentally. When you do, the odds of getting redirected to a malware-infected landing page are pretty high. And when you end up on such a landing page, who knows what might happen. Perhaps even antivirus software might not be enough to protect you from potential threats. 

Avoid Oversharing Personal Information

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Given the current situation in the world (the ongoing pandemic), it is difficult to socialize with others in person. Therefore, many people are looking to connect with their friends and family on the internet.

At the same time, thanks to social media and platforms like Discord, one can find plenty of strangers who are eager to meet new people and have a little bit of socializing even if it is not face-to-face. 

While there are some great people you might meet, do not forget that some of these strangers are not as nice as they appear. If you get too close to someone and overshare personal information, they might use it against you.

For instance, if they found out your pet’s name or your birthday, the odds are that they will try to use these or other bits of information to have a go at your online account passwords and try to crack it. 

Thus, if you decide to meet some people online and even build relationships with them, be wary of what you should be sharing with them. 

Invest in VPNs

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A decent virtual private network costs a couple of dollars per month. As a rule of thumb, stay away from free VPNs because they are not secure. If anything, using a free network defeats the purpose of securing your computer.

VPNs come in handy in particular when you need to join public Wi-Fi. One of the benefits of using the internet at a hotel, library, or bar is that it is usually free. However, not having to pay for internet access comes with certain downsides. 

More often than not, public Wi-Fi lacks the necessary security protocols. This means that joining such a network may result in getting your device attacked by hackers who have set up a trap. 

On the other hand, if you connect to the internet via virtual private networks, you will not have to worry about the lack of security protocols because they come with a VPN. Not to mention data encryption, changing your location and IP address, and even access to geo-restricted content. Overall, a VPN is a good investment.

Install macOS Updates

The last piece of advice in this article is about installing operating system updates. Your MacBook will perform more optimally if you have the latest macOS version installed. 

Moreover, you will benefit from new features and, most importantly, security upgrades. In addition to regular security patches, the macOS developers react to the latest threats and release new and improved versions of the operating system to make sure that your system is not prone to cybersecurity threats.


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