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We all make mistakes, and most of them are embarrassing. We’ve all typed the wrong URL, visited the wrong website, or sent the wrong email. It’s embarrassing enough when it happens once, but when it happens over and over again, it feels like it’s destroying your credibility. Well, your credibility isn’t being destroyed, it’s just being reaffirmed. It just shows a natural process, where we all make mistakes.   

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It’s exactly like search Google or type a URL meme. We’ve all seen it happen. We tried searching for something and something totally hilarious came up. We started typing something and Google suggested something straight out funny, awkward, rude, etc. 

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For example, these Google search engine memes are bonkers:

Search Google Or Type A URL Meme

Do People Really Search Google or Type a URL for These Odd Terms, Phrases, and Sentences? Is Google Not That Flawless Global Overlord That We Think of It? Has It Still Not Been Optimized to Serve Meaningful Queries? 

Well, we can assure the readers that Google is very well optimized and is constantly evolving to better understand human search queries. Then what about the off search results and suggestions that Google shows ever so often. 

Well, it’s actually very simple. There is no one trying to feed odd suggestions to Google’s index; it’s all algorithm. Google’s search engine algorithm feeds off of the content we publish, the posts we make on social media, and the terms, phrases, and sentences we as users feed into its system. 

If you see a search result on Google or type a URL meme like this, rest assured that the above-mentioned factors are at play here. 

Search Google Or Type A URL Meme

Does Google Lose Its Credibility as a Search Engine Platform Because of This?

No, on the contrary, these small Google inconveniences and mishaps have sparked countless Google memes. That further humanized the platform. Kept it in the people’s eyes, keeping the platform relevant to popular internet culture and helping reaffirm its position as the number one internet search engine platform. 

What is the origin of the “search Google or type a URL” meme?

It’s hard to pinpoint, Google search engine was released back in 1998. Back in the day, Google’s algorithm was not as fine-tuned as it is today. It is possible that memes weren’t created or started on purpose, but Google users accidentally stumbled upon funny and unfortunate search queries while trying to search Google or type a URL. 

Hance explains how the “search Google or type a URL” meme might have originated. 

Here Are a Couple of Old Yet Gold Memes That Have Been Circulating on Google for Years:

Search Google Or Type A URL Meme
Search Google Or Type A URL Meme
Search Google Or Type A URL Meme

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When you use memes, it is one of the easiest and most fun ways to communicate with others on the internet. There are many uses for them, including expressing feelings, making jokes, and sharing information. 

Memes are turning out to be a prime way of spreading good vibes and emotions. And Google users have wholeheartedly embarrassed its flawless and the meme potential that comes with it.


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