Use of to Activate Your YouTube in Different Devices


with its billions of videos on different topics, has become part and parcel of our daily life. Moreover, it is a popular media to monetize your online activities.


we all want a properly verified and activated YouTube account. 

Fortunately, you can use to correctly and shortly activate your YouTube account and channel, if you wish.  

We will describe the use of the link to activate YouTube from different platforms and devices

Different Techniques to Use 

Earning money through sharing videos on YouTube has been made simpler. Even amateurs can earn a hefty amount of money by sharing their videos on YouTube. But you have to activate your ‘id’ rightly on the platform for it. 

It is crucial because, without the YouTube activation, you won’t be able to set up and launch your channel on the video-sharing platform. Thus, your skill won’t come in any benefit without the YouTube channel. So, you must activate the YouTube channel using the link. 

The primary steps to activate YouTube using the channel is –

  1. On your device, click on YouTube to open it. 
  2. Sign in to your YouTube from the device. 
  3. You have to use your Google account to sign in to YouTube. If you are using the device for the first time, you need to sign in to Google at first. 
  4. You will have to provide the correct email and password to sign in to Google and YouTube afterward. 
  5. To open a new account, you will have to provide some essential information that appears on the screen. It includes country, postal code, age, and gender. 
  6. After you have signed inaccurately, type ‘’ on your web browser, wait until the link opens. 
  7. You should get a YouTube activation code on the browser dialog box. Enter the code in your device correctly. 
  8. Before you click on the ‘allow‘ button make sure you have entered the activation code accurately. 
  9. Then the user terms and conditions will appear on the screen. Skip to the last of these points and click on the ‘agree‘ button to proceed to the actual activation system. 
  10. Once the process is completed, a confirmation message would pop-up on the device screen. 

That’s it. You have to use the activation link to get the code and verify your YouTube id. Now, you can create the channels and start sharing videos. 

Activating YouTube on smart TV 

  1. At first, launch the YouTube app on your smart TV from the widget. 
  2. Access the activation code from settings as on the smart TV display. 
  3. Now, from your pc or mobile browser, open the link. 
  4. You will see a box there asking for the YouTube activation code. 
  5. Type the code and press ‘allow‘ to agree with the essential terms and conditions to use it. 
  6. Sign in to YouTube from your smart TV and type the code. 
  7. Sometimes, your TV will ask for permission to connect to YouTube using the internet. If such a message pops up on the screen, click ‘allow‘ to finish the process. 

Activating YouTube on gaming consoles:

The most popular gaming consoles are PlayStation and Xbox. We will describe the YouTube activation on these gaming platforms now. 

  1. At first, check for the YouTube app on the console. 
  2. Download it from the related app store if it doesn’t have the app. 
  3. Sign in using your Google account and go to the settings then. 
  4. Click on the ‘X‘ button there. 
  5. You should see the code on the console screen. 
  6. Use the pc or mobile browser to go to
  7. Write the activation code once you see the dialog box on the browser screen. 
  8. Click next and the ‘agree‘ button to complete the activation. 

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These are the ways to activate YouTube and launch the channel using ‘’ from different devices. It allows you to secure your YouTube account, which is particularly important for those monetizing the platform. 

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