How to Use DLP Projector

DPL Projector

Every projector has its own specifications and features.


DLP projector is also one of the projector types used by people in many home theatres and business purposes for its distinct feature and quality.

Do you know what this DLP projector is?

And how it works to display the images and videos on the screen?

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then this article is exclusively for you to learn more about DLP projectors.

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. All the DLP projectors use digital micromirror device technology to display the data on the screen. This technology will protect the image from a monitor onto the big screen. You can see this digital light processing usage in various standalone projection-type units and in most digital cinema projections.

How DLP Project Works

How Does DLP Projector Work?

This Digital Light Processing technology is developed by Texas Instruments, and it works in a different way compared to the LCD functionality. Normally, glass panels will be used to pass the lights to hit the screen, but when it comes to DLP technology tiny reflective surface mirrors are made to pass the light. Every mirror attached to the projector represents a single pixel of the image.

The projector lamp set up inside the DLP projector directs the light energy onto the surface of the digital signal processing chip. The mirror placed inside shuffles back and forth to direct the light. Mirror either directs towards the path of the lens to turn the pixels on or makes it travel away from the way of the lens to switch it off.

The technical side of the DLP projectors is so strong, and that is why customers cannot get DLP projectors under the $1,000 price range. In the costly DLP projectors, three DLP chips will be attached inside the projector for separate red, green, and blue channels. To define the right color, a color wheel that has red, green, and blue color filters are used. The color wheel spins in between the DLP chip and lamplight and varies the color which hits the chip. The mirrors either tilt outside or into the lens location based on which amount of color required for each pixel gets hit at the given time. This action modulates the light which in turn gives the image to project onto the white screen. Purchasing the high-quality projectors will help you get the proper light emitting mirrors to display the best images on the screen.

Importance of DLP Projectors

DLP projectors serve people in the best when they use it for the business and home theatre presentations. Here we bring you the importance of the DLP projectors, please continue the reading.

Easy to Port: DLP Projectors are not the big sized projectors so it is not easy for the customers to carry in their bag during the business trips. Even if you are planning to set up the projector on your relatives or neighbor house for watching the movies or gaming purposes, you can install and set up easily with the limited number of cables. And some mobile phone companies try to implement DLP projectors in their smartphone.

Connect with favorite devices: Some of the DLP projectors which are available in the online market or nearest shop have the Pico projector technology, so with this type of technology in hand you can connect the projector with your favorite devices like smartphones, tablets, iPod, and much more.

High Contrast Ratio: DLP projectors have an excellent contrast ratio, so it is best for home-buyers. If you are a home buyer looking for the type of projector to suit indoor screening, DLP projectors are the right choice as it will give you the best experience while watching the home cinema.

Reduced Pixels: If you are looking to purchase a projector for PowerPoint presentation, DLP projectors are the best options to go for because it has the muted pixel structure which is best for PowerPoint presentations.

More reliable: All the DLP projectors you purchase will cost you only a little to repair. If you buy from the best projector shop, then your projectors will run without any issues for years. Also, sealed optics in the DLP projectors are reliable and good to operate in dusty environments.

How To Use DLP Projector

As we already discussed in this article, projectors are mainly used for the business and home needs. The important thing to be noted here before the usage is, how you use it with the proper setup. Do you know how to use the purchased projector for your needs after doing the proper set? If not, please continue the reading.

Place in the Right Location

You always need to place the projectors opposite to the display screen.  Make sure the indoor light was good enough to connect the projector on the room in the daytime. After you place the projector, use it and check the image size. If it is bigger, the images will not appear with the best clarity so move your projector to get the best images and video on the screen.

Check the Indoor Light

Although you use the projector to display the videos and images, it is necessary to look at the screen too. Adjust the screen size for the better display. If you find light rays are hitting the screen from outside or tube light glare hits the screen, change the screen location of the screen and projector. Otherwise, the indoor light glare fall on the screen will make the displayed image look bad.

Cable Connections

When you are using the projector for the first time, read the user manual carefully. The usability of each projector differ based on the functions and brand, so reading the manual before using will give the idea about how to give the cable connections on the projector in the proper way.

Choose the Right Picture Mode

If you are using the projector for the home theatres to display the movies under the ambient light condition, choose the brighter mode in the projector. Choosing the right picture mode helps you to get the proper display of images and videos on the projected screen.

Turn off the Lights

If you are mainly using the projector in the daytime, you cannot restrict the sunlight from hitting into the room. When it is night time, and you are planning to display the videos using the projectors, turn-off the room lights to get the best video experience. If you have the best quality blue-ray videos, you can enjoy each second of the movie. Our experts suggest using quality SSD card to your computer or pc for better video playing in your projector.

Final Thoughts

Now, I am at the end of this writing. I  hope this article will help you in the right way to know more about the DLP projectors and the way to use it. Like and share it, if you find this content helpful. And let us know if you have any questions in your mind. Make a purchase today and enjoy all day.


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